Live With Kelly: L.A. Reid “X Factor” Co-Hosts


Live With Kelly: New “X Factor” Judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato

L.A. Reid danced out with Kelly to join her as co-host for today’s show. They were both excited because they had been talking about hosting together for a long time, and it finally happened. L.A. tweeted out that he would be on the show Monday, May 22, and of course, today is actually a Tuesday. Kelly saw it and didn’t correct it, but about eight hundred of his followers did.

L.A. is a record producer and executive, although he is probably best known right now as one of the judges on FOX’s “X Factor.” Kelly said that she is especially excited for the new season, ever since the announcement was made that Britney Spears and Demi Lovato would be joining the show as new judges. Kelly said that she has always been a huge fan of Britney’s, and that she’s “a slave for her.” However, L.A. is Kelly’s favorite judge, because of something that she called “the face;”  a face that he makes when he’s enjoying a song. He knew exactly what she was referring to and demonstrated it for the audience.


L.A. Reid

L.A. Reid from "X Factor" Co-Hosted Live With Kelly

L.A. also mentioned the previous night, when he went out to dinner with Simon Cowell, Britney, and Demi. As they were leaving the restaurant, the paparazzi went completely crazy for everyone, but put  down their cameras when they saw L.A. Kelly said that she understood his pain; she used to live in the same apartment building as Nicole Kidman, and the paparazzi would ignore her and wait only for a shot of Nicole.

L.A. Reid: “The Thriving Child” by Erica Reid

Kelly asked L.A. if he was still on a very strict diet, and he said that while he used to be vegan and had been doing a master cleanse, he is now on the “fried chicken diet.” They discussed a book that his wife, Erica Reid, recently published called The Thriving Child.  Erica and the kids all suffer from food allergies, so the book is about learning to cope with that. Kelly said that, every time she invites L.A.’s kids over, she wants them to stay outside because she’s afraid that there will be some peanut residue or something in the air in her house.


Last night, Kelly went to see her son play the trumpet in his spring concert at school, and she was very impressed with both his playing and the way that the music teachers pulled the whole thing together. L.A. said that the trumpet is one of the hardest instruments to play, because it has only three valves. Kelly and Mark both teared up when their son played the beginning notes of The Godfather theme as a solo. Kelly said he must be very naturally talented, because he certainly never practices at home!

Live With Kelly: “The Bachelorette” Theatre

Kelly said that she got to her house last night just in time to catch “The Bachelorette.” L.A. said that he had never seen the show, and Kelly almost had a heart attack. However, she did get him to read some lines in what she likes to call, “The Bachelorette Theatre.” The lights dimmed to create the perfect dramatic setting, Kelly played Emily, and L.A. played Ryan, one of her suitors. Kelly re-iterated that she is calling this season of the show “Slim Pickins,” because according to her, the only qualification the guys had to meet was that they were breathing.

Kelly also noted how unrealistic the exotic trips on the show are, because “going to Fiji isn’t marriage; going to Costco is marriage.”

Live With Kelly: Niagara Falls Survivor

Kelly had a few interesting news stories to bring up. The first was about cycling: apparently, men who wear helmets are more likely to take risks while riding because they have a false sense of security. This is not the case for women riders. Kelly said that Mark likes to cycle and wears the “pornographic costume.”  I think I know what she means!

The next story was about a man who attempted suicide over Niagara Falls and miraculously survived. He is one of only three people to survive going over the falls without safety equipment. Kelly hoped that maybe he would realize that he was meant to be alive after the ordeal.

L.A. also brought up that this summer is being called “the summer of mosquitoes,” because of the very mild winter we had. Kelly said that, while Mark and the kids are always being bothered by mosquitoes, she never has a problem with them. She said that apparently people with high anxiety levels are not as affected by mosquitoes. L.A. said that if he were a mosquito, he would definitely bite her!

Just before Spring into Spring travel trivia, Kelly made note of the fact that her fourth grade teacher is retiring. She loved being in her class and brought her class photo to show the audience. In the photo is also her best friend from childhood, Scotty Silver, whom she said all of her kids pointed out despite having never met him. At the end of the show, Kelly received a surprise email from Scotty asking to re-connect. Kelly said she was so happy she could cry. She also received emails about “flugelhorns” and mosquito bites.

During the trivia, a woman won a trip to St. Lucia on her 50th birthday by correctly identifying that Paula Patton is the wife of yesterday’s guest, Robin Thicke. An audience member also won a gift certificate to Omaha Steaks.




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