Live With Kelly: Kelly Ripa Hosts Solo on 25th Season Premiere


Live With Kelly September 3 2012

Unfortunately, summer is over, but the good news is that a brand new season of Live With Kelly kicked off  Tuesday, September 3 2012. However, the 25th season of Live! is extra-special for one very important reason: Kelly’s new co-host is about to announced!

After months and months of waiting, we had to stretch our patience just a little more, as Kelly hosted a show by herself for the first– and only– time. Kelly began by wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day, and checking out some interesting Labor Day facts.  Let’s get started with Live’s 25th season premiere!


Kelly Ripa: Labor Day Facts

Kelly Ripa Live 25th Season Premiere: Live With Kelly

Kelly Ripa hosted the Live! 25th Season Premiere solo on September 3 2012. (Helga Esteb /

There are now 153.2 million Americans aged 16 and up in the work force. Twelve percent of Americans belong to a union, while 5.9 million Americans work from home. The average commuting time is 25 minutes– Kelly said that’s impossible, because she never gets to work on time!

Kelly Ripa: Popular Science Worst Jobs

Popular Science highlighted some of the worst jobs in America. They included hazmat diver (they swim in sewage), elephant vasectomist, ancient garbologist and coursework carcass preparer. However, Kelly didn’t think that being an Olympic drug tester was such a bad gig– she said that, depending on the sport, she’d be willing to sign up!


Kelly Ripa: Audience Jobs

Kelly then polled some audience members about their occupations. A woman named Ellen was what is known as a “mystery shopper.” Ellen visits different stores and restaurants and, while pretending to be an average customer, evaluates the level of service. Kelly nervously asked the rest of the audience, “is she mystery shopping right now?”

Another woman, Megan, had an unfortunate story to share about expressing a dog’s anal glands. This was when she was a vet technician– an occupation from which she has since retired!

Kelly Ripa: Surf’s Up Summer Trivia

Kelly got to chat with a woman, Jennifer, who was nine months pregnant and looking to win a great vacation. Luckily, Jennifer remembered that actor Billy Bob Thornton is from Arkansas, so she’s headed to the Smuggler’s Cove Resort & Spa in St. Lucia. Plus, an audience member won a set of Lenox china.

Kelly Ripa: Who Will the New Co-Host Be?

At the end of the show, Kelly took a moment to thank the fifty-nine talented men and women who have joined her as guest co-host over the past year. From actors and athletes to comedians and journalists, it’s been an astonishing group of people and a great bunch of memories for both Kelly and the Live! viewers. Who will Kelly’s new co-host be? Tune in tomorrow to find out!



  1. Sherri Lamoreux says

    I am watching the show because I want to see Phillip Phillips. It was previously advertised that he would be on this show. I’m still watching, and although he hasn’t been announced, I’m hoping he will still be on…

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