Live With Kelly: Josh Groban Guest Co-Hosts


Kelly Ripa: First Trip to Paris

On “Live With Kelly” July 16, Kelly Ripa was joined by classical singer and songwriter Josh Groban, who is much beloved by the audience! As the hosts sat down to start the show, Kelly had some exciting news to share: she had spent the weekend in Paris!

It was Kelly’s first trip to Paris, and she got to partake in the Bastille Day celebrations. Kelly doesn’t speak French, but she did get to practice speaking English in a French accent. She and Mark visited the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the oldest church in Paris. Kelly also showed some pictures of Mark standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, which has a disco ball hanging from the middle!


Live With Kelly: American Idol

Kelly and Josh discussed the departure of Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson from "American Idol" on "Live With Kelly." (s_bukley /

While they were in the City of Lights, Kelly and Mark went to see Madonna. They had tickets for the floor, so they danced all night. Kelly said that she met so many people from all over the world who watch “Live” online, and were fans of the show. Overall, she had a great time in France, and can’t wait to go back.

Josh Groban: Weekend Cab Story

Josh spent the weekend in New York, and had a very interesting story to share involving a cab ride. Because of the intense heat in New York over the weekend, Josh decided to forego the subway and splurge on a cab ride to a show. However, his driver told him he had to stop and would take 50 cents off of the fare. With Josh watching from the back, the driver stopped to pee in a coffee cup in a phone booth– then returned without the cup! Kelly asked, “so you let him keep the change, then?”


Live With Kelly: Springsteen-McCartney Concert

In the UK over the weekend, two music superstars performed together for the very first time: Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen. However, the concert went on for too long, and the venue pulled the plug on the electricity in the middle of a song!

The very first time that Kelly and Mark left Michael with a babysitter, they went to a Springsteen concert. Kelly said that they were so thankful to get out of the house. However, just as they got there, they got a call from the babysitter. They ended up rushing home because Michael had been stung by a bee!

Live With Kelly: Steven Tyler & Jennifer Lopez Leave “American Idol”

Kelly missed some big news in the world of entertainment while she was in Europe over the weekend: both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez announced their departures from the upcoming season of “American Idol.” While Kelly said that she definitely loved the dynamic between the judges, she had a great idea: she and Josh could become judges!

However, the audience seemed to favor another potential judge: Aretha Franklin. Aretha has apparently thrown her name onto the list of possible judges. She’s the Queen of Soul, so she can do anything!

Date Night Makeover: Mary Beth and Dave Shelton

Last week, “Live With Kelly” featured five loving couples who were deserving of Date Night Makeovers. Friday’s couple was Mary Beth and Dave Shelton, and they wrote in to thank the show for the great time they had on their date. They shared some pictures of their fantastic river cruise around Manhattan. The couple already had six children; Kelly felt positive that they made a seventh that night!

Surf’s Up Trivia: Ray Romano

A caller won a great trip to Aruba on Surf’s Up Trivia thanks to the following question: which celebrities did Ray Romano deliver futons to before he was famous? The answers were Robert DeNiro and Cher. Plus, an audience member won a gift certificate to Omaha Steaks.

Live With Kelly: Co-Host Search Finalists

We also got a chance to meet the Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search Finalists, when they all appeared for the first time on “Live With Kelly” July 16. All week long, the five finalists will compete in challenges that will eliminate them one-by-one until a winner is decided. The potential co-hosts are: Mikey Kay, Rory Kramer, Markette Smith, Michael Buckley, and Will Tant.


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