Live With Kelly: Josh Groban Co-Hosted


Live With Kelly: Josh Groban Co-Host

Josh Groban is an award-winning classical singer who has sold over 24 million albums worldwide. Josh is also a songwriter, record producer, and actor– he’s a busy guy! Luckily, Josh took some time out of his busy schedule to co-host “Live With Kelly.” Kelly said that Josh is back by popular demand!

The hosts opened the show with a serenade to Kelly’s nipples, sung by Josh. It turns out that her dress only makes it look like her nipples are popping out, but it’s a seam. Apparently, that’s something they wanted to clear that up before they got started!


Live With Kelly: Best Vs Worst Airplane Seats

Live With Kelly & Josh Groban: Best Vs Worst Airplane Seats

Josh Groban co-hosted with Kelly and discussed the best vs worst airplane seats. (Joe Seer /

Kelly read an article that stated 6A is the most popular seat on an airplane, based on window seat preferences and proximity to the front of the plane. On the other hand, the least popular seat is 31E, because it is noisy and in the back.

Josh said that he hates being stuck in the middle seat (doesn’t everyone?). It’s such a difficult spot, because when you have to go to the bathroom, you are always disturbing someone. It’s an awkward place to be.


Speaking of airplanes, Kelly mentioned that spas and massages have become increasingly popular in airports. She marveled at the fact that anyone has time for a 30 minute massage while trying to make a flight! Usually she is just running through airports, hoping to make it on time.

Live With Kelly: Jack Black Manscaping Review

Also gaining popularity are various types of grooming for men: creams, hair products, “manscaping.” Brands are now targeting men directly, manufacturing blue tubes and bottles so that they appeal to males. Kelly asked Josh, “are you metrosexual?” This made Josh laugh. He said, “I had to put tape on my shirt because my chia pet chest hair is popping out!” He also joked that the last time he took a shower, he found a penny in his chest hair. According to Kelly, Mark is very hairy too. She said she’s seen pictures of him from Third Grade with a mustache.

The skin care line Jack Black (no relation to Jack Black, the actor) has a lotion called “beard lube.” Josh said that when you put “Jack Black” and “lube” together in one sentence, face lotion is not the first thing that comes to mind!

Spring into Spring Travel Trivia: Ice T

Rapper-actor Ice T’s wife is named Coco, and today’s caller won a trip to Mexico when she was able to correctly answer right away! An audience member also won a gift certificate to Omaha Steaks.


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