Live With Kelly: Joel McHale Guest Co-Hosts


Joel McHale: Family Trip to Italy

Joel McHale, host of “The Soup” on E! and star of the NBC sitcom “Community,” joined Kelly as guest co-host on “Live With Kelly” July 25. Joel had just returned from a trip to Italy with his family, so he had plenty of great photos to share. He showed off his two adorable sons, who are four and seven. The McHales traveled to Rome and Tuscany,and Joel said that the best part was the food, which is the best in the world. Kelly agreed that Italy is a “heavenly” place. However, Mark says that when the whole family goes on vacation, it’s a trip. When it’s just the two of you, it’s vacation!

Kelly has lived this first hand, because she once took the entire family to Italy– kids, parents, and all. She and Mark had to keep an eye on the parents more than the kids!


Kelly Ripa: Remembering Sherman Hemsley

RIP Sherman Hemsley: Live With Kelly

Kelly Ripa and Joel McHale remarked on the passing of sitcom star Sherman Hemsley during "Live With Kelly." (Joe Seer /

Actor Sherman Hemsley passed away yesterday at the age of 74. Sherman was best known for his role as George Jefferson in the legendary sitcom “The Jeffersons,” which ran for eleven seasons and was one of television’s most popular shows. Kelly said that Sherman was “comedy gold,” and Joel referred to him as “an icon.” At 74-years-old, Sherman is definitely gone too soon.

Kelly Ripa: Jackson Family Drama

The topic turned to the Jackson family, all of whom have been in the news lately. Apparently, Katherine Jackson had gone missing, and Paris Jackson (Michael’s daughter) was tweeting to try to find her grandmother. As it turns out, Katherine had gone to Arizona to be with her daughter, Rebbie Jackson.


Kelly is a big fan of Rebbie Jackson’s one-hit-wonder from the 1980s, “Centipede.”  She started dancing as it played, and called it her “jam.”

There has also been some security tape footage released that shows the Jackson family feuding outside of their mansion in Los Angeles. It’s a very bizarre story– Joel hopes that it all works out!

Kelly Ripa: Bizarre Food Hangover

Since yesterday’s Bizarre Foods taste testing with Andrew Zimmern, Kelly said she has not been the same. She and guest co-host Michael Buckley tried everything from geoduck clams, to mucous- filled soybeans. In honor of the strange food, Kelly had some candied bugs for Joel to try called “Larvettes.” He opened the package and downed the entire bag; he’ll probably be regretting that later!

Kelly Ripa: Earthquake in LA

In Los Angeles, there is reported to have been a small earthquake, hitting 3.8 on the Richter Scale. However, don’t be alarmed; there are no reported injuries or damage. Joel said that in LA, a 3.8 is practically nothing.

Surf’s Up Travel Trivia: Will Ferrell

After dancing along with the trivia dancer, Joel asked a caller, “What type of truck visited Will Ferrell at his birthday party?” She correctly answered that it was an ice cream truck, and won a trip to the Westin Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, FL. An audience member also won a gift certificate to Omaha Steaks.


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