Live With Kelly: Joel McHale Co-Hosts


Joel McHale Co-Hosts June 15 2012 Show

Joel McHale, the hilarious host of The Soup and star of Community, was co-host for the day. He and Kelly both shared some news about their kids. Tomorrow is a big day for Kelly’s daughter, Lola, who will be turning eleven. Joel’s two sons were back in Los Angeles with their mom, and they had just gone whale watching. They brought some friends with them, and Joel’s wife got stuck taking care of another kid who got very seasick.

Kelly Ripa: Vietnam Cop Rides On Windshield Of Bus

Live With Kelly: Joel McHale Huge Feet

Joel McHale showed off his huge feet & talked about a Vietnam police officer's wild ride on Live With Kelly. (Helga Esteb /


Kelly read a story about a dangerous bus chase that took place in Vietnam: a bus driver did not want to stop for the police, so the policeman that was after him jumped onto the front of the bus as it was driving. They showed a video of the policeman clutching onto the bus for dear life!

Kelly Ripa: Bus Driver Dad

Kelly has plenty of crazy bus stories, because as she reminded the “Live” audience, her father was a bus driver for New Jersey Transit for many years. Joel joked, “he was in Speed, right?” On a more serious note, Kelly shared a story about her dad being attacked by a drug addict when she was a little girl. He was alone with the man on the bus and he pulled a gun on him. Luckily, Kelly’s dad managed to escape the incident with only a black eye. How scary!

There were some perks to being a bus driver’s daughter, though. Kelly explained how any toys that were never claimed in the lost and found would end up going to Kelly and her sister. Their mother would never want them to have them, because they were dirty. She would boil them in water before giving them to the kids. Kelly and her sister would make up grandiose stories about who the toys’ previous owners might have been, such as Farrah Fawcett and Princess Diana (because they both so often rode the New Jersey buses). Joel suggested starting a line of toys called “Kelly Ripa’s Dirty Bus Toys.” They would probably fly off the shelves!


Live With Kelly: Joel McHale’s Huge Feet

Are you happy? According to a study read by Kelly and Joel, people are happiest when they reach their 33rd birthday (which for Kelly, is just 8 years away!) They then took a look at Joel McHale’s huge feet, because a viewer wrote in about them. Joel swung a leg onto the table to show them off: they really are enormous! Kelly compared her “giant” head to them, and then even managed to fit her entire high heel into one of Joel’s shoes. You know what they say about men with big feet… big hands!

Live With Kelly: Retirement Plans

Retirement is not something that Joel and his wife discuss, because as Joel said, he loves what he does and does not anticipate stopping. However, Kelly and Mark talk about it all the time. The reason is that they had their children very young, so the kids will be away at college before they know it. Then what will they do?

Joel said that when his kids are gone, he will catch up on all of his favorite video games. Like Mark, Joel likes playing tons of war games. Kelly suggested, “why don’t you just join the military?” At least that helps people! Joel said, “if there were a military where you get to just sit in a chair and play, I would join that army tomorrow.”

Spring into Spring Trivia: Sofia Vergara

Kelly and Joel shook things up a bit during Spring into Spring travel trivia: they invited an audience member down to spin the wheel! His name was Tony, and he was a high school freshman from New Jersey. Tony landed on the Divi Resorts in Aruba, and a caller won the trip when she correctly answered that Sofia Vergara was originally from Colombia.


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