Live With Kelly: Joel McHale Co-Hosts with Apology


Joel McHale: Making Up for Forgotten Manners

Once again, host of “The Soup” and star of “Community” Joel McHale joined Kelly Ripa as guest co-host. On “Live With Kelly” July 26, Joel came out to start the show with a bouquet of roses. He decorated the desk with roses, placed Kelly into her chair, and then lifted her (and the chair!) into place. All the while, both the audience and Kelly were very confused. Kelly asked, “Did you cheat on me? Did you go on ‘Rachael Ray’?”

Apparently, Joel’s act of chivalry came as an apology, because the show received a lot of mail complaining that Joel did not pull out Kelly’s chair on yesterday’s show. It was even on AOL as a big headline of the day! Therefore, Joel felt the need to go overboard in order to make up for his temporary lapse in manners.


Kelly Ripa: Victorian Gardens Review at Central Park

Joel McHale Apology: Live With Kelly

Joel McHale apologized to Kelly Ripa for a momentary lapse in manners on "Live With Kelly" July 26. (Helga Esteb /

Also yesterday, Kelly took her son, Joaquin, to the Victorian Gardens at Central Park after the show. Victorian Gardens is a small amusement park in the summer, and in the winter, it’s an ice skating rink. Kelly said that people must forget it’s there, because it’s never crowded and you can go on the rides multiple times. It’s a great place that Kelly suggests bringing your kids.

Kelly Ripa: Drive-By Weddings in Las Vegas

You’ve heard of Drive-thru weddings– but what about a Drive-by wedding? In Las Vegas, where Kelly and Mark eloped sixteen years ago, you don’t even need to go to your own wedding, because it comes to you! “The Wedding Wagon” will drive to your location and marry you on the spot. Kelly said that if they ever do “Live” in Las Vegas, she wants to renew her vows with Mark just to try it out!


Kella Ripa: Hamptons Charity Event

Kelly is hosting a Super Saturday Designer Sale on July 28, 2012 in the Hamptons. The event, which was founded by designer Donna Karan, benefits Ovarian Cancer research. Kelly has hosted the event for the past few years, and she said that it’s “crazy” how discounted the designer goods are. So if you’re in the Hamptons, stop by!

Kelly Ripa: Grocery Store Man Aisle

Apparently, there are some grocery stores that are now designating specific “Man Aisles” that stock beer, condoms, and chips. Kelly suggested that they also place the diapers right near the man aisle, because maybe then men will remember the important things!

Joel said he never forgets things at the grocery store anymore, because the “wrath” he has previously suffered is too great. Kelly said that if she gives Mark a list of twenty things to buy, he’ll come back with two. Once, he even came back with a boat!

Live With Kelly: Jackson Family Update

Kelly and Joel wanted to give a quick update on the latest Jackson family feud drama– but mostly, Kelly and Joel just wanted an excuse to get up and dance to Rebbie Jackson’s 1984 hit “Centipede.”  The latest development is that custody of Michael Jackson’s three children was now given over to Tito’s son, TJ.  Joel promised to keep everyone updated with Jackson news.

Surf’s Up Summer Trivia: John Rich

Again, Joel danced with the Surf’s Up Trivia dancer. After returning to the desk, Joel gave away a great trip with Kelly to a caller who remembered that country singer John Rich is from Amarillo, Texas. The caller is headed to the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Also, an audience member won a Lenox China prize package.


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