Live With Kelly: Jimmy Kimmel Co-Hosts Mothers Day Show


Jimmy Kimmel Co-Hosts Live With Kelly

Fellow talk show host and funny man Jimmy Kimmel joined Kelly today as co-host. After sitting down, he pointed out that his Aunt Joanne and Uncle Tony were in the audience, visiting from Brooklyn.

Live With Kelly Jimmy Kimmel Co-Host

Jimmy Kimmel joined Kelly Ripa for a Mothers Day Show (Image Credit: s_bukley /


He discussed his New York heritage when Kelly noted that he had been born in New York but raised in Las Vegas. Jimmy said that, even though he has lived in many different places, he still considers New York to be his “spot.” He also mentioned that his own show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” will be taping in Brooklyn at the end of October.

Jimmy Kimmel: Mother’s Day

Kelly had a nice Mother’s Day, even though her children ate all of the cupcakes that they had made for her before she could even taste one. She said that she had wanted to share the card that her youngest son, Joaquin, made for her, but since she forgot it, it was en route in a cab.

Jimmy’s mom, it turns out, had a less-than-fun Mother’s Day; she was stuck in the hospital with food poisoning. On the bright side, Jimmy reminded us that they always serve breakfast in bed at the hospital, so he was still able to have brunch with her.


Kelly pointed out how young and beautiful both of his parents had looked at the White House Correspondents Dinner (which Kimmel hosted on April 28th). Jimmy showed a few pictures from the event, including one of himself and Michelle Obama, and also shared a story of the First Lady yelling at his son to sit down.

Live With Kelly: Obama Gay Newsweek Cover

Speaking of President Obama, Jimmy held up the latest Newsweek cover which features the President’s picture with a rainbow halo over his head and the title, “The First Gay President.” Everyone laughed when Jimmy said, “Not only is he gay, he’s a gay angel!”

Live With Kelly: TIME Breastfeeding Cover

Of course, talk shifted to the controversial TIME Magazine cover, which depicts a three-year-old breast-feeding. This prompted the question: how old is too old to breast-feed? Jimmy said that his brother breast-fed until he was old enough to rip his mom’s shirt off anytime he got hungry. Kelly said that her nine-year-old still sometimes asked, but she says that “the shop is closed.”

Additionally, Kelly pointed out the apparent hazards of having “Bieber” hair, that covers one side of a person’s face; it can create a lazy eye.

Kelly Ripa’s Mother’s Day Card

The card from Joaquin finally arrived at the show, and Kelly read it to the audience. In the card, Joaquin used strange words to describe his mother, including “tart,” which left everyone a bit confused. But he also called her the “most beautiful mama.”

Kelly also described how she used her Mother’s Day card from her daughter as blackmail. When Kelly told her daughter that she could not wear cut-off jean shorts out to dinner with the family, she called Kelly the “worst mother ever.” However, Kelly reminded her that in her card, she called her the “best mother ever.”

Kelly Ripa’s Favorite Girl Scout Cookies

Jimmy told a few stories about some of his favorite (and least favorite) teachers from school. One teacher, Mr. Mills, told Jimmy that if he told one more joke that he would receive an F for the class. Eventually, Jimmy was allowed one joke per week, but it was torture for him to wait until Friday to make a good joke. Kelly had a chemistry teacher who told her that there was a fry machine at McDonald’s with her name on it. Kelly then showed a picture of Jimmy from high school, looking not-so-dapper in a light blue suit and a clarinet.

Finally, we found out which Girl Scout Cookies Jimmy and Kelly enjoy the most; Jimmy likes Thin Mints, while Kelly likes Samoas.


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