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Jesse Palmer: Foodie

You might think that former football star and ESPN analyst gets passionate only about a great game, but when he joined Kelly Ripa as today’s guest co-host, Jesse revealed a hidden fact about himself: he’s a major foodie! Before coming out to the set, Kelly said that she had “the breakfast of champions,” a handful of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Jesse, on the other hand, prefers something a bit more fancy. He brought several photographs from his food travels and talked about some of his favorite foods, including Mildred’s Temple Kitchen Pancakes.

Jesse Palmer: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen Pancakes Review

Jesse Palmer: Mildred's Temple Kitchen Pancakes

Guest co-host Jesse Palmer's favorite food is Mildred's Temple Kitchen Pancakes. Who knew he was such a foodie?


One picture of Jesse at brunch in Toronto depicted him with about six different dishes covering the table from end-to-end. He said that he ate all of it himself. Kelly joked, “you’re like Michael Phelps!” Jesse added, “without the six pack and the gold medals.”

While Jesse said that pancakes are his favorite food– and Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Toronto make the very best– he also showed pictures of smoked meat sandwiches, hamburgers, and even a bison steak stuffed with pulled pork. Kelly started laughing, because she could not believe how passionate he gets over food. Who’d have thought?

Jesse Palmer: University of Florida Alum

Jesse attended University of Florida, and was Quarterback of the football team. Kelly read an article about the amount of crocodiles rising in Southern Florida, and Jesse said that he would often see them on the side of the road. There was also a game that the football players used to play, where they would dare each other to jump into a lake filled with alligators at night. However, Jesse never did it. He would lie about having to study.


Live With Kelly: NYC Airports

New York may be the greatest city in the world, but it is not known for having the best airports. Jesse and Kelly said that Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and Dallas: Fort Worth were all cities with great airports. Apparently, JFK and LaGuardia are trying to catch up and improve their quality by getting better toilets. Hopefully that will do the trick! Kelly also gave a friendly reminder to her fellow women: you have an obligation to wipe your pee-pee off the seat!

Live With Kelly: Don’t Ride the Slide with your Kids!

Jesse read a surprising study about the amount of injuries that children sustain due to something that most people would never think could be harmful: riding the slide at the playground. Apparently, many toddlers break their legs when their parents go down the slide with them.

Kelly suggested that maybe the child turns around halfway through the ride, which causes the injury. She also told a story about picking up Michael as a toddler and then falling down the stairs with him. She had to get an X-ray on her shoulders and Michael needed two stitches.

Spring into Spring Trivia: Andy Samberg

During Spring into Spring travel trivia, a caller won a trip to Orlando, Florida when she remembered that recent co-host Andy Samberg was a featured player on Saturday Night Live. An audience member also won a gift certificate to


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