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Jerry O’Connell: Twins Dolly and Charlie

Jerry O’Connell is an actor who transformed into a Hollywood leading man after starring as a kid as chubby but lovable dork Vern Tessio in Stand By Me. Today, Jerry joined Kelly as guest co-host. They chatted about Jerry’s kids, a new role, and some noteworthy news.

As they sat down to start the show, Kelly asked Jerry how his kids were doing. Jerry had twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, with wife Rebecca Romijn.  The girls were in school, so through the camera Jerry reminded them that “hands are not for hitting, teeth are not for biting.” Apparently, the girls had a biting phase, but it is hard for Jerry to be strict with them.


Jerry described how different the relationship is between a father and daughter. Growing up, he only had a brother, so he didn’t realize how much his daughters would be able to get away with him. He said that Rebecca is very good at being strict, but he immediately caves.

Live With Kelly: Jerry O'Connell Herman Munster

Jerry O'Connell talked about his upcoming role as Herman Munster, as well as his twin daughters with wife Rebecca Romijn, on Live With Kelly. (carrie-nelson /

New York City Kids: Most Spoiled Kids in the World?

Speaking of kids, Jerry read a story that claimed New York City kids are the most spoiled kids in the entire world. Specifically, they are the children from Manhattan and Brooklyn, because that’s where the wealthiest parents are. Plus, New York has the best toy stores.


Kelly described that, whenever she and Mark take the family on a trip to places like Disney World, they always want to stop at the gift shop, even though the trip itself should be the gift. However, she also described how she thought New York kids were more grounded in comparison to a lot of other places. Jerry brought up Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the Real Housewives franchise– seemingly, those families are way more extravagant than anything you would find in New York.

Jerry O’Connell Herman Munster Role

Kelly offered Jerry congratulations, because he has recently won the role of Herman Munster in a new remake of the classic series The Munsters. She held up a side-by-side photo, and while Jerry says that he got the role thanks to his receding hairline, there is not much similarity– yet! That’s where TV makeup will have to come in.

The new show is called Mockingbird Lane, and Jerry described it as slightly darker yet still funny version of the original ’60s television series. Kelly asked if Lily Munster had been cast yet, pointing to herself and joking, “maybe there’s an up-and-coming new talent out there?”

Kelly pointed out that, the last time he hosted, viewers wrote in saying he looks like a young Dick Clark. Jerry said that it’s flattering, because he usually just gets called Jason Bateman– now that’s a resemblance I can see!

Live With Kelly Coast to Coast Co-Host Search

Would you or someone you know be a perfect guest co-host for Live? The show is holding a competition to find a new guest co-host somewhere in America. For the chance to sit next to Kelly on the show, head to for details. The contest ends June 29 2012.

Spring into Spring Trivia: Chris Rock

Unfortunately, during Spring into Spring travel trivia, a viewer lost out on a trip because she seemed to have no idea who Chris Rock was! Therefore, she did not know the name of his daughter. But she and an audience member won a place setting gift set from Lenox.


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