Live With Kelly: Jerry O’Connell Co-Hosts


Jerry O’Connell Sings “Part of Your World”

Today on Live With Kelly, Kelly was joined once more by actor Jerry O’Connell as guest co-host. They talked about how great the new Live studio is, and Kelly said that the day it was finished, she had to confront her cake phobia. She has a phobia because, whenever someone wheeled out a cake on All My Children, it meant someone was getting fired. She looked to Gelman, thinking they were already getting the axe!

Jerry O'Connell Rocket Pop Ice Cream

Jerry O'Connell sang a song from The Little Mermaid & revealed that he loves patriotic Rocket Pop Ice Cream while co-hosting Live With Kelly. (Featureflash /


Jerry showed a picture of his twin daughters with Rebecca Romijn, 3 1/2 year old Dolly and Charlie. In the picture, Dolly was wearing a princess necklace. Jerry said that lately, if it’s not pink or has Ariel on it, Dolly won’t wear it. This lead to a surprising rendition of “Part of Your World,” Ariel’s famous song from The Little Mermaid. Kelly and Jerry both sang every word, even those high notes!

Live With Kelly: Lying Kids

Jerry brought up an article on what parents should do if their children are lying to them. He said that Dolly and Charlie are both already lying; the other day, they told him that they had no school.

He believed them, because he thought they were too young to lie. According to the article, parents should say, “it would be disappointing to me if you were being untruthful.”


Kelly asked, what about lying teenagers? The article suggested making sure that you touch base with other parents, if your child will be at a party, for example. Kelly says that she always does that with her oldest son (“He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”), and that he gets very embarrassed.

Live With Kelly: Average Length of Engagement

Jerry also read an article that revealed the average length of engagement is 15.4 months. He and Rebecca were engaged for about two years, while Mark and Kelly were never engaged, because they eloped.

Kelly mentioned something she had read, which stated that if a man does not propose to a woman within the first year of dating, he never will. Jerry exclaimed, “that’s a lot of pressure!” Take your time with getting married– it’s a big decision. Plus, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of deal!

Jerry O’Connell: Patriotic Rocket Pop Ice Cream Review

Jerry revealed that his favorite ice cream is the Patriotic Rocket Pop. Ice cream manufacturers had to change the name of ‘bomb’ pops to ‘explosion’ pops. Kelly and her sister loved it when the ice cream man came to their neighborhood, and they would make up silly lyrics to the song he played from his truck.

Another fun summer activity for kids is the slip and slide. Jerry, who grew up in New York City, had never tried the slip and slide until last week. It’s never too late to be a kid!

Spring Into Spring Trivia: Noah Wyle

On Spring into Spring travel trivia, a caller won a trip to Antigua when she remembered that yesterday’s guest, Noah Wyle, starred for several seasons on the hospital drama ER. An audience member also won a gift certificate to Omaha Steaks.


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