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Howie Mandel: Notorious Germaphobe

On today’s show, television host and comedian Howie Mandel joined Kelly as guest co-host on Flag Day. Because Howie is a notorious celebrity germaphobe, germs and cleanliness were the first topics that came up. Kelly said that he and Mark would get along, because Mark does not allow people to wear shoes in their home. He keeps slippers at the door for guests to change into.

Live With Kelly: Howie Mandel Laundry & Spin Class

Germophobe Howie Mandel co-hosted with Kelly and discussed how often to do laundry & health risks of spinning class. (s_bukley /


Howie said that his phobia (like most phobias) is not rational; he just has a problem with hand touching. Thankfully, his wife is not as obsessed with germs as he is.

Live With Kelly: How Often Should I Do Laundry?

The big topic of the day was an article that described how many times we should be washing different articles of clothing.

Despite Howie saying that there is “no such thing” as over-washing, Kelly read that we actually may be washing our clothes too much. According to the article, jeans should be washed “intermittently,” blouses can be worn up to three wears, pants up to five wears, bras up to four wears and pajamas up to four wears.


The only articles of clothing that should be washed after every use are underwear, bathing suits, and gym clothes. Howie joked, “this article must be from Europe!” Both he and Kelly agreed that their clothes would get too smelly if they followed these rules.

Live With Kelly: Outsmarting a Smart Phone Thief

Phone theft is becoming more and more common these days, but there are ways that you can outsmart a phone thief. Kelly once had her phone stolen, but luckily there were no inappropriate pictures! Kelly’s advice is to give everyone in your contact list a fake name or nickname, so that their identities are protected.

Live With Kelly: Spin Class Hazards for Women

Kelly attends spin class three or four times a week, because as Howie joked, “you’ve got to lose that weight!” However, while it’s already been proven that cycling can lower a man’s sperm count, studies now suggest that it can affect a woman’s health, too. It causes genital numbness, and female cyclists were proven to have less genital sensation that female runners. Kelly suggested just using a padded seat!

Live With Kelly: Embarrassing Photograph Stories

A viewer sent in a hilarious joke photo of a “Germaphobia Fan Club” with Howie’s picture framed in the background. Kelly said, “Look, you’re their patron saint!”

Speaking of pictures, Howie had an embarrassing photo to share. Recently, he was just hanging out in public when a woman came up to him and asked if he could take a photo. Thinking that she was a fan, he agreed, only to awkwardly find out that she actually wanted him to take a photo of her. She had no idea who he was!

Kelly had a similar story. Once, when she and Regis were doing a show in the Bahamas, a woman came up to Kelly and asked her take a picture of herself with Regis. The woman was a huge fan, and she then asked, “where’s Kelly?” When Gelman said, “she just took your picture!” the woman just laughed and walked away. Kelly is still trying to figure out what that means!

Travel Trivia: Eva La Rue

During Spring into Spring Travel Trivia, a caller won a trip to St. Lucia when he remembered that Eva La Rue played a neurosurgeon on All My Children. Plus, an audience member won Lenox China place settings.


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