Live With Kelly: Ed Robertson Co-Hosts


Ed Robertson: Dinner Near Michelle Obama

Ed Robertson, lead singer and guitarist of the Barenaked Ladies, joined Kelly this morning as co-host. They walked out to one of the band’s most popular songs, “One Week.” Kelly said that it’s a song she never gets tired of. Ed referred to today as “Boxing Day,” which is typically known as the day after Christmas, but in Canada every day after a holiday is Boxing Day.

Ed arrived in New York last night, and made the exciting announcement that he and his wife had dinner with First Lady Michelle Obama. However, it turns out that they just had dinner at the same restaurant, ABC Kitchen.


The Secret Service greeted him at the door, even though she was just finishing dinner as Ed arrived. He pointed out her lovely toned arms, which his wife had to tell him to stop staring at. Kelly said that her friend owns the Palms restaurant, which always had celebrity sightings, but she never sees any. She spent the weekend with the family out on the beach.

Live With Kelly: Ed Robertson Co-Host

Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies co-hosted Live With Kelly. (Paul McKinnon /

Kelly brought out a picture of Mark Zuckerberg on his honeymoon in Rome, eating McDonald’s with his new wife Priscilla. Ed joked, “that’s the one from SNL.” Kelly said that she loves how normal Mark Zuckerberg is, but wondered why anyone would choose to eat McDonald’s with all the great food in Rome.


Kelly Ripa: 80-Year-Old Sky Diver

Kelly brought up a few of the latest news stories, including a 21-year-old woman who drove her car through a house — all the way through — while the elderly couple who live there were sleeping.

Another of the big stories over the weekend was the 80-year-old sky diver. Apparently, the woman had wanted to sky dive her entire life, but when she finally got up in the plane and was about to jump, she changed her mind. It was too late, however, so she ended up falling through the sky and nearly coming out of her harness.

She was okay, but Kelly and Ed watched video footage of the scary incident, where you can also see her shirt coming off and her skin flapping in the wind. Kelly said that, even though she has never seen the appeal of sky diving, she would really never go now after seeing that footage. After three kids, she knows that her skin will be flapping in the wind like that, too.

Live with Kelly: Soldier Surprise

They also discussed a story where a soldier surprised his family by coming home and sneaking into a picture at his grandmother’s birthday party, plus showed pictures of a couple who have been dressing alike for 35 years. Every single day they have a matching outfit. Kelly wondered if they liked Donny and Marie as much as she did.

Lastly in the stories of the news, Kelly and Ed tried out some difficult words from a spelling bee. There is a new spelling champion who is six years old, the youngest person ever, and Kelly said that she could barely pronounce some of the words that she had to spell. Ed tried spelling the word ‘vaquero,’ and failed pretty miserably.

Live With Kelly: Date Night Contest

They did not leave enough time for The Bachelorette Theatre, but Kelly did mention that she feels like this season of The Bachelorette should be titled “a series of unfortunate facial hair demonstrations.” Ed brought up Seneca Crane from The Hunger Games, who brought unusual beard back into fashion.

Kelly also announced a new Live With Kelly Date Night contest, where one person will win a complete makeover and a night out on the town. You can submit your name on the Live With Kelly website for a chance to win.

During Spring into Spring travel trivia, a caller won a trip to the Ocean Club Resorts in Turks and Caicos by correctly identifying that the pawn shop on “Pawn Stars” is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. An audience member also won a gift certificate to Home Goods.

Kelly Ripa: Live With Kelly Inbox

During Kelly’s Inbox portion, Kelly and Ed presented a video highlighting the Date Night Contest. For a chance to receive a makeover and a special date night out, mail or send your application to by June 26 2012.

A viewer also pointed out Ed’s resemblance to comedian Adam Carolla, and another viewer proved her husband wrong on his birthday. Kelly reminded the audience that the Barenaked Ladies’ new album, Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before, is out now.


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