Live With Kelly: DL Hughley Co-Hosts First Day of Summer


Live With Kelly: First Day of Summer Show

Comedian and actor DL Hughley co-hosted “Live With Kelly” for today, the first day of summer! This prompted Kelly and DL to chat about their childhood memories of the beginning of summer. Kelly said her elementary school had no air conditioning, so it was torture to sit in class and wait for the summer break to start. DL brought up the topic of summer heat waves– now, kids get sent home when it’s too hot, but back when he was a kid, they stayed in the hot classrooms!

Kelly had one piece of advice that she always tells her own kids: don’t peak in middle school or high school. Feel free to be nerdy, because it will serve you well later!


Kelly Ripa: Geeks Are Cool

DL Hughley: First Day of Summer

DL Hughley co-hosted with Kelly Ripa for the first day of summer, and revealed the secret to a successful marriage.

Speaking of nerds, Kelly read an article that suggested our dependence on technology is allowing the geek stereotype to fade away. People like Steve Jobs have made it seem cool to be super-smart. So feel free to be as nerdy as you like!

On the subject of technology, Kelly discussed our dependency on cell phones. This morning, Gelman had forgotten his cell phone and his wife had to run it over. Because as Kelly pointed out, God forbid he not have his cell phone for more than fifteen minutes! She said she likes to run her house like it’s 1975. She prefer that her children not engage with too much technology, and instead go outside and get dirty. In other words, use their imaginations!


DL Hughley: Wife and Children

Kelly asked about DL’s wife and children. DL has three children with his wife, LaDonna: two daughters, Ryan and Tyler, and a son, Kyle. DL’s oldest daughter is interested in politics and works for California Senator Barbara Boxer. His son, Kyle, who has Asperger’s syndrome, recently graduated from college. DL said that he is very proud of him, and he’s never met anyone whom he  respects more. As for his youngest daughter– DL said he has “no idea” what she’s up to!

Live With Kelly: First Date Faux Pas

Kelly and DL discussed an article that revealed which first date faux pas people would most likely be willing to overlook. They included wrinkled clothes, sweaty palms, and a dirty car. Kelly revealed that when she first met Mark, she was attracted to how normal he seemed. She thought that he would one day make a great father. Good thing she turned out to be right! Kelly was proud of the fact that her entire wedding, including the flight to Vegas, cost only $279.

DL met his wife when he was only eighteen, but he already knew that he would marry her. In fact, she started making wedding plans even before he officially asked her! And they’ve been together ever since.

Live With Kelly: What’s the Key to a Long Marriage?

Kelly and DL have both been married for a very long time, and DL said that people often ask him what the key to a long marriage is. He believes that if you can make a woman laugh, she will stay with you forever. As long as she’s not laughing while you’re naked!

Spring into Spring Trivia

During Spring into Spring Travel trivia, the question was about Kelly: what is her middle name? The caller won a trip to Aruba when she answered that it was Maria. A lucky audience member also won a gift certificate to Zappos.


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