Live With Kelly: Daniel Dae Kim Co-Hosts from Hawaii


DKelly Ripa & Daniel Dae Kim at Disney’s Aulani Resort

On “Live With Kelly” August 6, we took a look back at Kelly’s incredible trip to Hawaii this past winter. Monday’s show kicked things off with co-host Daniel Dae Kim, star of  the CBS drama “Hawaii Five-0.” Daniel presented Kelly with a traditional Hawaiian lei, and in turn, Kelly presented him with one. The hosting desk had an unbelievable view of the beach at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Oahu, the show’s home for seven days.

Daniel Dae Kim: Working in Hawaii

Daniel Dae Kim Hawaii: Live With Kelly

On "Live With Kelly" August 6, Kelly and Daniel Dae Kim hosted a show from Hawaii.


Daniel is not a Hawaiian native (he was born in South Korea and grew up in Pennsylvania), however, he has lived in Hawaii for the past eight years. For six seasons Daniel starred on “Lost,” and now currently stars in “Hawaii Five-0,” both of which have filmed on the Hawaiian islands.

Kelly asked Daniel if he has picked up any of the Hawaiian language during his living on the Hawaiian islands. Daniel said that he has learned a few words here and there, like “wahine,” which means female. It is easy to learn because it is written on all the bathrooms!

Live With Kelly: Hawaiian Word of the Day

During the show’s time in Hawaii, “Live” viewers can learn a new word every day in the beautiful Hawaiian language. On August 6, an Aulani employee taught everyone how to say “Makani,” which means wind.


Elizabeth Smart: Married in Hawaii

Kelly pointed out that Elizabeth Smart, the kidnapped teen from Utah who was miraculously found several years ago, had recently been married on the same island. Kelly said that if you’re going to get married, Hawaii is a great place to do it!

Carson Kressley: Dream Wedding

Speaking of weddings: Kelly announced that “Live” was going to be host to a very special event. Thanks to the Dream Wedding Giveaway, Eileen Bellew and Kevin Houston were preparing to be married on the show.

Kelly and Daniel checked in with Carson Kressley, style guru turned wedding planner for Eileen and Kevin’s special day. Carson was enjoying a “little breakfast treat”– aka, a tropical drink in the pool. Carson said that viewers were going to get to see a lot of wedding planning, including Eileen and Kevin’s rehearsal dinner, coming up on Wednesday’s show.

Daniel Dae Kim: What to Do in Hawaii

Since Daniel has raised his family on the islands of Hawaii, Kelly asked him what he would suggest a young family do while visiting. Daniel suggested taking advantage of Hawaii’s beauty, and spending time in nature. He said that swimming with dolphins was one of his favorite activities. There is so much amazing aquatic life in Hawaii; Daniel revealed that while shooting “Lost,” they would constantly have to delay shooting because of unexpected whale appearances!

Kelly Ripa on Facebook

Kelly announced that she “finally joined this century” and started her very own Facebook timeline. For behind-the-scenes pics and other information, check out

Daily Dial Trivia: Pauly D

Unfortunately, a caller lost out on his own trip to Aulani when he could not recall that DJ Pauly D was from Rhode Island. However, both he and a lucky audience member won gift cards to Zappos.

Live With Kelly: Catamaran Trip

After beginning the show, Kelly and Daniel took a quick look back at Kelly’s Catamaran trip with Carson Kressley. Their catamaran was driven along the beautiful coastline of Oahu by Doug, who advised everyone that they were looking for whales. When Kelly and Carson searched high and low for the whales, they didn’t see any; the moment they turned their back, they appeared!

After spotting some whales, Kelly and Carson went snorkeling and saw turtles, fish, and all of the amazing underwater scenery. There was only one down side: Kelly lost a hair extension!

Hawaiian Giveway: Watch to Win Question

Finally, the “Live” Hawaiian Trip Giveaway Question was posted: What state did Kelly say co-host Daniel Dae Kim was originally from? If you were paying attention, you’ll know that it was Pennsylvania. Head to the “Live With Kelly” site and enter the answer, and you could find yourself heading to Aulani!




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