Live With Kelly: Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Winner Michael Buckley


Michael Buckley: Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search Winner

On “Live With Kelly” July 24, Kelly was joined by Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search winner Michael Buckley. As the hosts sat down to begin the show, Michael called it the most exciting moment of his life. Kelly remarked that if felt like they were contestants on “The Bachelorette”– and the whole world was watching their first date!

People have been asking Michael if he’s nervous, but he said he has been preparing his whole life for his national television debut. Since 2008, Michael has been a professional “YouTuber.” Michael has a popular YouTube channel, and web show called “What the Buck?” He has a green screen in his home where he does his show, and as he said, he never even wears pants!


Michael and Kelly: Weekend Plans

Over the weekend, Kelly picked up her daughter, Lola, from sleep-away camp in Maine. She had been gone for 3 1/2 weeks. Kelly said she now realizes how much noise Lola creates, because the house was completely silent without her.

At the camp, the kids showed off some of the swimming skills they learned in the lake, and then it was time for a parents’ swim. Kelly had a video of the “thrilling new visitor” that came out just in time to meet the parents– a water snake. Kelly  and Michael are both afraid of snakes, and feel like because they’re afraid, they always find them.

Michael spent his weekend celebrating with karaoke. He sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. Kelly said her go-to song is “Rocket Man” by Elton John. Mark always wonder why she chooses it, because he says that she can’t sing, and that it’s the longest song in the world– “especially when Elton John isn’t singing it.”


Kelly Ripa: Tragedies in Colorado and at Penn State

On a much sadder note, Kelly mentioned the terrible news that has been on everyone’s mind: the Colorado movie theater shooting. She said that the gunman must surely have had some mental disorder, because it is such a horrific tragedy. She said that taking your children to the movie theaters is something that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Of course, everyone in the nation is thinking of the victims and their families.

Mariah Carey: Live With Kelly & Michael Buckley

Kelly and Michael discussed Mariah Carey, the new judge on "American Idol," on "Live With Kelly" July 24 2012. (s_bukley /

There was also news over the weekend regarding Penn State and the Jerry Sandusky trial; some in the audience felt that the sentence was too harsh, others too lenient. Kelly summed it up eloquently when she said that it doesn’t matter what the sentencing is, because nothing can take back the terrible things that were done to the children. However, the reality is that someone had to pay for looking the other way while children were hurt, and the priority needs to be to protect them.

Kelly Ripa: Mariah Carey “American Idol” Judge

In much lighter news, singer Mariah Carey was confirmed to be the new judge on “American Idol,” replacing Jennifer Lopez. Michael noted how much appearing as a judge revitalized Jennifer Lopez’s career, so it should do the same for Mariah. He also wondered if Kelly had ever seen Mariah on the Home Shopping Network– he suggests googling it, because she is apparently hilarious!

Kelly is looking forward to seeing Mariah, because J.Lo was a bit too nice and normal. Part of the fun of former judge Paula Abdul was that she was sort of a “loose cannon”– you never knew what she was going to say!

Surf’s Up Summer Trivia: Vince Vaughn

The Surf’s Up Summer Trivia Question of the day was: in what 1996 film did Vince Vaughn say the line, “you’re so money, and you don’t even know it”? A caller won a trip to the Smuggler’s Cove Resort in St. Lucia when she answered Swingers. Also, the audience member who was randomly chosen to win the Fandango gift card just happened to be Michael’s twin sister!


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