Live With Kelly: Co-Host Sam Champion Discussed Crazy Weather


Live With Kelly: Weatherman Sam Champion Co-Hosts

Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion joined Kelly Ripa as guest co-host on Live With Kelly August 27. Kelly remarked that August is flying by– as it usually does. But what has been really crazy is the weather. From storms to hail to heat waves, this summer has had some really unpredictable weather. Since Kelly was sitting right next to a weather expert, she wanted to know, why?

Sam didn’t have a good explanation, other than the fact that the weather is always unpredictable, and all we can do is attempt to make sense of it. He did say that the only area of the country that hasn’t been so up-and-down in temperature is the west coast, which has remained pretty cool. There were even some audience members from Oregon to confirm Sam’s observation.


Rain Live With Kelly August 27

Sam and Kelly discussed the crazy summer weather on Live With Kelly August 27.

Kelly Ripa: Self-Driving Cars

Unlike Kelly, Sam is a car freak who loves to drive. As Kelly has often said on the show, she is not exactly the best driver. It took her a long time to learn to drive in her father’s huge Cadillac; plus, as a New Jersey bus driver, her dad was a very harsh critic.

For Kelly and others like her, there’s good news: finally, there are self-driving cars! They can do things like turn and parallel park at just the push of a button, just like on Knight Rider. I don’t know about this whole self-driving car idea.. sounds pretty dangerous to me!


Sam Champion: Iced Coffee on the Rise

What’s your favorite drink to sip while sitting at the pool? Kelly’s is a margarita (even though they have 700 calories.) However, Sam mentioned that iced coffee is making a big comeback. Its popularity has increased 17% in the last year. Kelly said that every Sunday, Mark goes for a bike ride. When he comes home, she makes him a big frosty mug filled with half iced coffee, half cream. It’s the “only nice thing” she does for him.

Live With Kelly: Cutest Kid Search

Kelly was at dinner at Morini on Lafayette Street last night, and she said that she saw the cutest kid ever. She wanted to go up to the parents and tell them to enter the baby in the contest, but she didn’t want to be a creep.

To vote for the kids who are already in the contest, stay tuned to Live With Kelly all week long. You’ll see three pictures per day, then, it’s your job to go online and vote. For information on voting and all of the contest rules, visit the Live site.

Surf’s Up Summer Trivia: Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the 2009 film Precious. Unfortunately, the Surf’s Up Trivia caller missed out on a trip to St Pete Beach, Florida, when she couldn’t come up with the correct film in time. However, both she and an audience member went home with a set of Lenox china.


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