Live With Kelly: Co-Host Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20


Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20: Tattoos

On “Live With Kelly” July 20, Matchbox 20 lead singer Rob Thomas joined Kelly as guest co-host. As they sat down to start the show, Kelly couldn’t help but notice the tattoo on Rob’s forearm. Rob said that he has six tattoos, but his wife has seven. He said that his wife is like “a supermodel biker.” Rob’s wife, Marisol, was in the audience with her mother. Rob and Marisol have been married for fourteen years, which is just two years behind Kelly and Mark.

Kelly said that she has a few tattoos, and one that she referred to as a “disaster one.” The one that she regrets she got on her wedding day, when she and Mark eloped to Vegas.


Kelly Ripa: Congratulations to Jimmy Kimmel

Rob Thomas: Live With Kelly

Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 co-hosted "Live With Kelly" July 20. (Debby Wong /

Kelly congratulated her pal Jimmy Kimmel, who was nominated for his very first Emmy yesterday. Jimmy is the hilarious host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and Kelly called the nomination “long overdue.”

Rob Thomas: Drive-In Movies

Rob read a story about a man named Irving Gordon, who drives his car 5,000 miles a month. He is currently the Guinness World Record holder for most mileage on his car. This prompted Rob to think back to attending drive-in movies as a kid.


Rob said that his sister, who is five years older than he is, was forced to bring him along with her on her dates to the drive-in movies. He and a friend would sit in the front seat, while she and her date would sit in the back for a little privacy. Rob said that teenagers of the world can rejoice, because drive-in movies are making a comeback in many places.

Kelly said that in Arizona, they have events called “dive-in” movies, where you can catch a movie at the pool.

Kelly Ripa: Blood Donations

Kelly brought up a man who has donated eighteen gallons of blood in just one day– just kidding! It was over 34 years. He has made 144 donations over 34 years, and the maximum of six donations per year.

Kelly also told a story of her son, Michael, at school, at the blood donation stand. He didn’t realize that the cookies and juice were just for the students who had donated blood, and he started pocketing the snacks!

Grilling with the Stars: Carla Gugino

Kelly and Rob checked in on Grilling with the Stars’ Carla Gugino, who will be making Chipotle Mahi Mahi. Carla said that if she can make the dish, anyone can make it. It’s a little spicy, but totally delicious.

Surf’s Up Travel Trivia: Victor Cruz

The Surf’s Up Travel Trivia question was: what instrument did previous guest Victor Cruz play as a child? The answer was the flute. A viewer answered correctly and won a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico. An audience member also won a small appliance package from Breville.


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