Live With Kelly: Co-Host Michael Strahan’s Stripping Aspirations


Michael Strahan: Future Stripper?

NFL analyst Michael Strahan was guest co-host for the third day in a row. As Kelly and Michael kicked off the show, Kelly revealed to the audience what Michael had been up to last night: stripping. According to Michael, though, he only made eight dollars. He said that after yesterday’s show– when he gave his now infamous striptease in front of Magic Mike star Channing Tatum— Michael had dollar bills flying out of him as he changed. He didn’t realize that his skills were so appreciated!

Michael Strahan: Memphis on Broadway

Ann Curry Today Show: Live With Kelly

Kelly and guest co-host Michael Strahan talked about Ann Curry's departure from "The Today Show." (lev radin /


Michael also said that he went to see Memphis last night (a far likelier story). The show was written by Michael’s good friend, David Bryan, who is the keyboard player for Bon Jovi. He had been telling Michael to go see the show for ages, but Michael didn’t actually believe the musical would be so good! Memphis won the 2010 Tony Award for Best Musical. Kelly told Michael that he shouldn’t have been surprised that his friend is multi-talented. Take Michael himself, for example: NFL player, television host, broadcaster, and now, exotic dancer!

Live With Kelly: Obamacare and Ann Curry

Kelly jumped right into some of the day’s top headlines. Firstly, she mentioned the monumental decision by the Supreme Court to uphold President Obama’s health care overhaul, with a 5-4 vote.

Also in the news is Ann Curry’s departure from “The Today Show.” Although she will be leaving her spot as co-host, Ann will now be the anchor at large of national and international correspondence at NBC news. Kelly said that this position will be perfect for Ann, who is so well-versed in foreign policy and politics. Kelly also said that she is a big fan of Ann’s, and that she wishes her well in her new endeavor.


Michael Strahan: Gap Trademark Viewer Suggestions

Yesterday, thanks to NBA player Anthony Davis who is trademarking his unibrow, Kelly and Michael discussed the possibility of Michael trademarking his gap-toothed grin. As it turns out, a lot of viewers agreed that this was a good idea, and sent in some suggestions for his trademark phrase. They included “fear the gap,” “the gap has spoken,” and the best one, “embrace the space.” Now that would look good on a T-shirt!

Live With Kelly: Spice Girls Musical?

If you thought that Girl Power was gone for good, think again: the Spice Girls are back. No, it’s not another reunion tour; this time, the girls are getting together and discussing the possibility of writing a musical based on their songs. A newspaper article had a picture of all the girls, then and now. As Kelly said, they all look great!

Grilling with the Stars: Ashanti Pineapple Chicken

Kelly and Michael quickly checked in with the Grilling with the Stars participant of the day, singer Ashanti. Ashanti was prepping her recipe, Pineapple Chicken Skewers. She said it’s the perfect recipe, because it has meat, vegetables, and fruit all in one shot! Ashanti said that she will be playing for Boys and Girls Club of America.

Surf’s Up Travel Trivia

“Live” must be having a lucky streak, because another caller won a great trip on the show, this time to Aruba. She remembered that the 2010 drama Andrew Garfield starred in was The Social Network. Plus, an audience member won a small appliance package from Breville.


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