Live With Kelly: Co-Host Michael Strahan and Trademark Gap


Michael Strahan: 3-Piece Suits and Tank Tops

NFL Analyst Michael Strahan joined Kelly today as guest co-host, and Kelly complimented his three-piece suit. Michael said he wants to bring back the “banker look.” Kelly revealed that her oldest son– lovingly referred to on the show as “He Who Must Not Be Named”– also likes three-piece suits. Michael asked if Kelly’s son has a girlfriend. Kelly said that he did not, but if he did, it’s not like he would tell her!

Speaking of male fashion, Kelly pointed out an article from the New York Times Style Section, which called tank tops for men the next big thing. Kelly said that Mark has been noticing lots of men sporting tank tops in their neighborhood, although he hasn’t tried wearing one yet. Kelly picked out one from the article that Mark would look good in, but an audience member disagreed. Kelly joked, “how long have you been married to Mark?” Michael admitted that he is not into the tank top trend, because it leaves “too much hanging out.”


Live With Kelly: Best Film Bodies

Michael Strahan Trademark Gap: Live With Kelly

Michael Strahan talked about his trademark gap teeth on "Live with Kelly." (s_bukley /

Today’s guest was Channing Tatum, star of the upcoming Magic Mike. A recent article evaluated the great physiques of the film’s stars (Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, and Joe Manganiello in addition to Channing) and compared them to some other examples of incredible male physiques in movies. It highlighted Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Kelly thought that Tom Cruise in Top Gun also deserved a mention.

Michael Strahan: Trademark Gap?

Oddly, NBA player Anthony Davis recently decided to trademark his unibrow. He also trademarked the phrases “raise the brow” and “fear the brow.” This led Kelly to suggest Michael trademark the gap-toothed smile that he has come to be known for. Kelly suggested he trademark the phrase “mind the gap.” Even though it is already the motto of the London Underground, it is definitely applicable to Michael’s teeth! Kelly suggested that they make t-shirts with the phrase.


Live With Kelly: Do Americans Believe in UFOs?

When Michael asked Kelly if she believes in UFOs, she said she wasn’t sure. It turns out that 48% of Americans feel the same way. 36% definitely believe in UFOs, and 17% definitely do not believe. Apparently, Americans also have huge faith in the President when it comes to the idea of a possible alien invasion. 65% of them believe that President Obama would handle an alien invasion better than Mitt Romney. Do you think that will help him come November?

In terms of superheroes, 21% of people would choose the Incredible Hulk to help out with fighting aliens. Kelly said she would still call President Obama. She thought that he would be very smooth in an alien press conference. She also gave a pretty spot-on President Obama impression.

Colorado Fires: Donate to Red Cross

The devastating Colorado fires are causing people to flee their homes, and Kelly reminded viewers that they can call the Red Cross to make a donation at 1-800-RED-CROSS. As Kelly mentioned, we all have the people of Colorado in our thoughts and prayers.

Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search

Would you like to sit next to Kelly Ripa for a taping of “Live?” Kelly reminded everyone that tomorrow is the last day for the Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search, so make sure to get your entries in ASAP. She showed a few of the video entries that had been coming in. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Surf’s Up Trivia: Seth MacFarlane

Kelly and Michael Skyped with a caller who won a trip to Puerto Rico when she named “Family Guy” as one of the animated creations of yesterday’s guest, Seth MacFarlane. An audience member also won a gift card to Home Goods.


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