Live With Kelly: Co-Host Josh Groban’s Second Day


Josh Groban: Second Day as Guest Co-Host

Singer-Songwriter Josh Groban joined Kelly Ripa as co-host for the second day in a row on “Live With Kelly” July 17. Kelly remarked that Josh looked very chic– he had a pocket star in his jacket. Josh said that in his regular life, he’s very casual, so he likes to dress up when he can. Usually, he wears sweat pants and sneakers, and walks around New York pretty anonymously.

Kelly asked, can Josh really walk around without being recognized? He said that most of the time, he can. Once, he and Kelly ran into each other in the street. Kelly got so excited to see someone famous on the street (even though they’re friends).


Kelly Ripa: Archery and the Olympics

Live with Kelly & Josh Groban: Can You Tell If Someone's Lying?

Josh Groban co-hosted "Live With Kelly" and talked about how you can tell if someone is lying. (s_bukley /

Yesterday after the show, Josh took a nap, went to the gym, and then went to his friend Victor Cruz’s book signing party. Kelly spent her day visiting her son at day camp. At the camp, he does archery, and Kelly said that she learned “nobody should ever give my son a bow and arrow.”

She started discussing archery with some of the other parents, and Kelly said that it seems like the type of Olympic sport that a person can pursue without giving up his or her entire life. Every parent wants his or her child to be in the Olympics, but nobody wants to spend every second at the pool, in the rink, etc. Of course, Kelly said, there are probably Olympic archers writing in right now to prove her wrong!


Live With Kelly: Batman and Real Life Heroes

A study was performed that tested whether or not Batman could actually survive the giant falls that he does in the movies, which was read by Josh. As it turns out, he would not. I don’t think anyone needed a study to tell us that if you fall off of a building in real life, you die!

Speaking of superheroes… there is a real life hero in Brooklyn named Steven St. Bernard. He injured his arm by saving a seven-year-old girl who climbed out of her apartment window and fell off the ledge. He caught her and saved her life. What an amazing story!

Live With Kelly: Can You Tell if Someone’s Lying?

Another study suggested that you actually cannot truly tell if someone is lying to you, even though most people believe that you can. Kelly said that Mark has the best poker face– you can never tell if he’s lying. She said that in marriage that is a necessary skill, because you have to be able to say “no, you don’t look fat in that!”

Live With Kelly: Bad Date App

There is a new app available that can rescue you from a bad date. It automatically calls your phone so that you can make up a story and get out of there. Kelly explained that before cell phones, women would have to call each other at the restaurant in order to fake emergencies. Some of the women in the audience were not old enough to remember dating before cell phones.

Co-Host Search: First Finalist Eliminated

The first finalist in the Coast-to-Coast Co-Host search was eliminated today: Rory Kramer. Rory is from North Hollywood California, and although he didn’t win, he said that he enjoyed his first trip to New York. Kelly and Josh thanked him for participating in the competition and told him, “don’t do anything mean to your Kelly cut-out.”


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