Live With Kelly: Co-Host Jerry O’Connell


Live With Kelly Trivia: Putting a Name to a Face

Actor Jerry O’Connell joined Kelly Ripa as guest co-host for “Live With Kelly” July 19. The hosts were joined in the audience by a previous Surf’s Up Travel Trivia winner, Silvia Moscato. Kelly explained that, since she doesn’t get to see the callers in person, she sometimes feels like they don’t actually exist! So it was nice to put a face to a name.

Jerry said that there is nothing more depressing than when someone loses at Travel Trivia. He copes by staying in bed and watching The Notebook over and over again.


Kelly Ripa: Storms in New York

Live With Kelly: Jerry O'Connell Mankini

Jerry O'Connell took a page out of his supermodel wife's book and modeled a swimsuit on "Live with Kelly" July 19. (carrie-nelson /

There has been some pretty crazy weather in New York lately, including the kind of thunder storms that make the end feel very near!  Kelly said that yesterday, she had about four inches of hail out on her terrace. There was also tons of rain, thunder, and lightning.

New York Giants player Donnie Jones was on a flight yesterday, and took a picture from up in the air of the storms swirling over New York. The ominous-looking picture is now on the cover of many local newspapers.


Kelly was once on a plane that got struck by lightning while traveling with her family. She said that there was a flash, a crack, and then a burning smell. She and Mark tried to stay calm for the kids, but were secretly freaking out! The pilot later announced that they had indeed been struck, but that it happens all the time. Jerry said that he could never be a pilot, because his response to being struck by lightning would not be as calm!

Kelly Ripa: Sugar Daddy Travel Site

Jerry couldn’t believe he was about to plug a site with this sort of premise, but he said that on, attractive women can  find sugar daddies who will take them on trips. This piqued Kelly’s interest– “how attractive do you have to be?” Jerry said that Kelly did not have to worry– guys would pay big bucks for her. However, she suggested she ask Mark before signing up!

Jerry O’Connell: Bikini Reveal

There is a ghost town in Texas that was just purchased by the owner of the Bikini’s restaurant chain, so the town will now be known as Bikini’s. Jerry told Kelly to get her thong swimsuit ready. Kelly said that she would not wear a thong swimsuit, but many men are now turning to more revealing swimwear. This is attributed to the popularity of Daniel Craig in the most recent James Bond films, who sports a “mankini” when he emerges from the water.

Jerry said that he enjoys a “mankini” every now and again. Suddenly– and to the delight of many women in the audience– Jerry stood up and began unbuttoning his pants. Beneath his clothes, he was hiding a skin-tight swimsuit. As it turns out, the swimsuit belonged to Gelman; Kelly recognized it as a present she had given him. Jerry warned Gelman that he’d better not “get anything” from it!

Kelly Ripa Perfect Diet: Sex-ercise

Kelly read about a 700 pound woman– the record for the heaviest woman alive– who discovered a way to lose weight. She lost 100 pounds when she re-united with her ex-husband and began “sex-ercising.” Kelly said that it definitely sounds like the best way to lose weight!

Jerry revealed that in his house, it’s hard to get any “sex-ercising” done with his wife, Rebecca Romijn, thanks to the couple’s 3 1/2-year-old twins, Charlie and Dolly. He said that between the girls and the dogs, he’s “lucky to even still be in the bed.” Kelly gave him some good advice: get the pets out first, then the kids. If you don’t, they’ll never leave!

Surf’s Up Travel Trivia: Jesse Metcalfe

Today’s Surf’s Up Travel Trivia question was: What soap did Jesse Metcalfe star on? When a caller remembered that Jesse starred on NBC’s “Passions,” he won a trip to the Westin Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, FL. Also, an audience member won an Omaha Steaks gift card.

Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search: Final Two

Unfortunately, there can only be one guest co-host, so someone had to go home on the Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search. That someone was Mikey Kay, leaving Michael Buckley and Will Tant remaining in the competition. Mikey was disappointed, but gave an incredible goodbye speech of thanks to the “Live” crew and audiences all over America and the UK. Mikey has only been in America for seven months, and he said that it is truly “the land of opportunity.”


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