Live With Kelly: Co-Host Finalists Challenge Day 3


Live With Kelly: Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search

The “Live” Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search is a competition in which one lucky fan will get the chance to sit next to Kelly for a day as guest co-host. Last week, the finalists were announced, and with today’s elimination of Markette Smith from Washington D.C, the Co-Host Finalists were down to just three: Mikey Kay, Michael Buckley, and Will Tant.

On “Live With Kelly” July 18, the remaining finalists were asked to participate in a fun and spontaneous new challenge. After they  were blindfolded and given headphones to block out noise, each finalist gave a two-minute celebrity interview, one-by-one. The catch was, they had no clue who the celebrity was until they read the teleprompter, so they had no time to prepare ahead of time. Each interview took place with quick thinking and a big dose of personality.


Live With Kelly: Co-Host Finalists Challenge Day 3

The three remaining Co-Host Finalists participated in a challenge on "Live With Kelly" July 18.

The Co-Host Finalists were lucky, because each of them got to interview a huge celebrity: actor Jerry O’Connell.

1. Michael Buckley from Meridan, CT

First up was Michael Buckley, who has the bubbliest personality of all the Co-Host Finalists. He was a big fan of Jerry’s, and said that between he and his wife (Rebecca Romijn), his house must have a “whole lot of sexy!” Michael asked Jerry to play the game that the Co-Host Finalists played in their Day 2 Challenge: Quick Fire Questions. Michael found out that he and Jerry have the same favorite dessert, strawberry cheesecake.


2. Will Tant from New York, NY

Will Tant was very cool, calm and collected during his interview with Jerry. He asked him some great professional questions about his life and career. Jerry discussed his film Stand By Me, which he made when he was eleven, and his future television show called “Mockingbird Lane.”

3. Mikey Kay from New York, NY

Mikey Kay also stayed very cool and natural during his interview, and discussed fashion choices with Jerry. The two unusually tall men compared heights back-to-back (Mikey won). Mikey even prompted Jerry to do a little singing!

Be sure to head to the “Live With Kelly” site to choose your favorite, because there can only be one winner!


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