Live With Kelly: Chris Harrison of “The Bachelorette” Co-Hosts


Live With Kelly: Chris Harrison is Getting Divorced

Host of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” Chris Harrison, was welcomed to Live With Kelly as today’s co-host. He is best known for hosting the the popular ABC dating shows, and as Kelly put it, is the “dastardly ringleader” behind them. He started off by talking about his disdain for New York sports teams. Although he loves visiting the city, since he is Dallas, TX native, he just can’t handle all of the Giants jerseys around. When Kelly reminded him that Giants quarterback Eli Manning was on the show, Chris said that he thinks he could take him. Yeah, right!

Then things hit a more sour note as the topic switched to Chris’s recent divorce. Kelly said that she was sorry to hear about his split from his wife, which has recently been making headlines. Chris spoke very highly of his wife, whom he has been with for twenty-two years, and said that they are both handling the situation as well as they can, especially since they share two children. Kelly lightened the mood and asked if he was going to be the next “Bachelor.” Chris laughed it off, confessing that he hasn’t been on a date since the early 90s. “Is R.E.M. still on tour?” he joked. While he’s not ready to date just quite yet, he said that he hopes to in the future.


Live With Kelly Chris Harrison of "The Bachelorette" Co-Hosts

Chris Harrison of "The Bachelorette" Co-Hosts Live With Kelly (Image Credit: s_bukley /

Live With Kelly: “The Bachelorette” Emily

Gears shifted once again as talk turned to Chris’s show, “The Bachelorette,” which premiered earlier this week. As Kelly mentioned on the show yesterday, she finds the latest batch of suitors to be “creepy,” and she feels sorry for the woman who will have to date them all, Emily. They then showed a quick clip from the show which highlighted some of the introductions of the first episode, where guys brought Emily strange gifts that ranged from an Ostrich egg to a boom box to a Cinderella slipper. Kelly suggested that Emily get a restraining order against them, and that you could tell how uncomfortable she was because of her nervous laugh. Chris pointed out that many people on Twitter felt that one of the suitors, Jef– with just one ‘f’– was the creepiest of them all. He also revealed that at one point, Emily cursed at one of the guys, but then like all good southern girls, she apologized right afterwards.

Does Virgin Atlantic Allow Cell Phone Calls During Flights?

Chris and Kelly started discussing a new rule regarding cell phones on Virgin Atlantic flights: they will now allow cell phone use after the plane takes off. Chris noted that this new rule will be super annoying for someone who is sitting next to “that guy” on the airplane; i.e, that guy who just won’t shut up. Kelly pointed out that she always sits next to “that guy” on flights, and his name is Mark Consuelos. They both agreed that most people usually talk too loudly on their cell phones, especially in restaurants.


When Are You Too Old for “Inappropriate Texting”?

Kelly asked Chris if he had ever sent an “inappropriate text.” He responded that he hadn’t, because the last time he dated, there were no such things as cell phones. Kelly said that she thinks “inappropriate text messaging” is only for the young, and that 33 should be the cut-off age. She also shared a story about a time when she accidentally received an “inappropriate text” from a friend who had been intending to send it to her husband. Kelly said that for she and Mark, “getting ready for bed” is the sound of Mark pulling his Invisalign out of his mouth. That’s the cue for her to pretend she’s asleep!

The first segment concluded with another Spring Into Spring travel trivia game, where the contestant was a retired teacher. She won a trip to the Bahamas when she correctly identified the New York city borough that yesterday’s guest, LL Cool J, grew up in, which was Queens. Her correct answer also won an Omaha steak gift card for a lucky audience member.




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