Live With Kelly: Chris Harrison Co-Hosts During Olympics


Chris Harrison: Date with Gelman to “The Bourne Legacy”

Chris Harrison, host of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” joined Kelly Ripa as co-host for the second day in a row on “Live With Kelly” July 31. Kelly revealed to the audience that last night, Chris had a big date night out– with Gelman! The two gentlemen enjoyed a date to The Bourne Legacy premiere, the new action film starring Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz.

As Chris said, no offense to his date, but Rachel Weisz was the one who “stole the show.” Of course, Chris would not go talk to her, because she’s married to 007 himself, Daniel Craig. That’s one guy that you don’t want to offend! Chris also complimented the acting talents of Jeremy Renner, who replaced Matt Damon as the star of the film franchise.


Kelly Ripa: “Bachelor Pad” Olympics

Live With Kelly: Olympic Diving

Kelly and guest co-host Chris Harrison discussed Olympic Diving on "Live With Kelly" July 31 2012.

Like most Americans, Kelly watched the Olympics last night, but she also caught a bit of what she refers to as “the creepiest show on television,” ABC’s “Bachelor Pad”— which Chris just so happens to host! On the show, the contestants were asked to perform rhythmic gymnastics, and Kelly was shocked at how well the male contestants performed; especially considering the fact that most of them were drunk!

Chris Harrison: Olympians on Twitter

Twitter is a great place for many of the current Olympians to share their experiences with the world, but as Chris explained, it’s also getting a lot of athletes in trouble over controversial comments. Some athletes– like a triple jumper from Greece– have even been sent home because of inappropriate posts on Twitter.


Currently, U.S. Women’s Soccer goalie Hope Solo and former gold medalist Brandi Chastain are embroiled in a Twitter battle. The U.S. Women have not had a great start to the Games, and apparently Brandi Chastain has posted her criticism publicly. Olympians should probably put down their phones and let their performances do the talking!

Kelly Ripa: Men’s Synchronized Diving

Kelly’s new favorite event is Men’s Synchronized Diving, which she watched last night. Americans Nick McCrory and David Boudia performed well enough to earn a Bronze Medal, but even more impressive were the talented Mexican divers who claimed the Silver. Kelly said that she turned to Mark, who is also Mexican, and complained, “you can’t do that!”

Another aspect of the diving that had Kelly fascinated were the teeny-tiny male bikinis, which beg the question, “how does it all stay in there?”

Kelly Ripa: Parental Permission for Piercings

In New York State, it is now required for a person under 18 to have parental permission for any type of piercing besides ear piercing. Both Kelly and Chris were relieved by this rule; Chris said that he wants to know if his daughter or son is going to get anything pierced. Chris also said that he doesn’t have any piercings of his own, but he does have a tattoo of a single rose, and “it’s near the fantasy suite.”

Surf’s Up Trivia: Jeremy Renner

The talented Jeremy Renner joined Kelly and Chris yesterday, and the Surf’s Up Trivia question asked which two films garnered Jeremy his Academy Award nominations. A caller remembered that Jeremy was nominated for The Hurt Locker and The Town, and she won a trip to the Windjammer Landing Resort in St. Lucia. A lucky audience member also won a gift certificate to Omaha Steaks.

Kelly’s Inbox: Viewer Emails

At the end of the show, Kelly and Chris took a look at some viewer emails from Kelly’s Inbox. A viewer wanted to know if Chris kept in touch with previous “Bachelor” couple Jason and Molly. He said that he does, and that they are very happy together– one of the few “Bachelor” success stories!

Chris also clarified that he was NOT the host of “Playhouse Disney” several years ago, and revealed that he is a newly ordained minister. He is marrying two very good friends of his, and is very nervous! Kelly showed her wedding picture from sixteen years ago. She and Mark were married at the Chapel of the Bells in Las Vegas– and their entire wedding cost only $79!



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