Live With Kelly: Chris Harrison and Kelly Talk Olympics


Chris Harrison: “Bachelor Pad”

On “Live With Kelly” July 30, Kelly was joined by guest co-host Chris Harrison, who is the host of the popular ABC dating shows “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” Currently, Chris is hosting the “Bachelor” spin-off show, “Bachelor Pad.” Kelly said that she wanted to hose him down before he came out, because the contestants are “creepy.”

Kelly wanted to know, where do you find these people? Chris explained that many of them are former “Bachelor” contestants, but for the first time ever, this season also features regular super-fans. Kelly also wanted to know if the contestants are “swabbed”; Chris said that yes, they are actually given STD tests! Although he is not the one who administers them.


Kelly Ripa: Super Saturday in the Hamptons

London Olympics: Live With Kelly

Chris and Kelly discussed the excitement of the Olympics on "Live With Kelly" July 30 2012. (Sergei Bachlakov /

Over the weekend, Kelly hosted her annual Super Saturday  fashion charity event on a very rainy weekend. It was the first time in fifteen years that it had ever rained. However, despite Kelly’s fears, the rain didn’t affect the outcome. They were able to raise their biggest profit yet: $3.6 million, which all goes to Cancer Research.

Chris Harrison: Addicted to the Olympics

Of course, the big news on everyone’s mind this weekend was the exciting start to the 2012 Olympics in London. Chris said that, like many Americans, he is completely “addicted” to watching the events. He pointed out that the Olympics is the only time that most of us are willing to sit down and watch skeet shooting or fencing on television. Chris said that he had a “moment” when he realized that he was alone in a hotel room watching men’s water polo, and wondered if it was normal.


Kelly agreed that the Olympics is an exciting experience, and even the commercials are emotional. Chris admitted that he tears up every time he sees a commercial about the parents of the Olympians. For most parents, all of the driving around to different sports never pays off, but for those parents, it does!

Kelly Ripa: Gymnast Jordyn Wieber Fails to Advance

One of the biggest headlines so far in the Games is that American Gymnast and 2011 World Champion Jordyn Wieber failed to qualify for the All-Around Final. Chris said that everyone is talking about Jordyn’s heartbreak, but what about the talented American who advanced in her place, Aly Raisman? Aly performed under pressure and deserves her spot alongside Gabby Douglas. Kelly said that heartache is a much more appealing story– sort of like Susan Lucci at the Emmy’s. However, all of the girls will be competing together for the Team Final, so it is a very compelling story.

Chris Harrison: “Bachelorette” Couple Emily and Jef

Kelly brought up the most recent “Bachelorette” couple, Emily Maynard and her new fiance, Jef Holm. The couple have declared that they will not get married on television. Chris laughed and said, “I’ll change that!”

Kelly also had a new idea for a show: “Bachelor” Couples Therapy. The show would find couples from the show discussing the pressures of a relationship outside of the television, with Chris as therapist. Chris pointed out that, despite the show’s poor track record for successful relationships, there are currently a few couples who have stayed together.

Kelly Ripa: Road Rage

Surprisingly, more women are prone to road rage than men. Kelly does have a driver’s license, but she admitted that she does not enjoy driving.  Chris wanted to know if Kelly had ever suffered from road rage, but she said that she always saves her anger for when she gets home. Mark is the one who is more prone to “fly off the handle.”

Surf’s Up Trivia: “Hillbilly Handfishin”

A caller won a trip to the Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, Arizona by answering that the cast of “Hillbilly Handfishin” are from Oklahoma. Also, an audience member won a gift certificate.

Grilling with the Stars Finalists

After a full summer with tons of great recipes, the two Grilling with the Stars Finalists were announced: Marilu Henner and Ashanti. The winner will receive $25,000 for charity, and the runner-up will receive $5,000. You can vote on the “Live With Kelly” site for your favorite.


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