Live With Kelly: Carrie Ann Inaba Co-Hosts


Live with Kelly: Daytime Emmy Award Winners

Guest co-host Carrie Ann Inaba, dancer and judge on “Dancing with the Stars,” joined Kelly today as she came out with her brand new Daytime Emmy Award. Over the weekend, “Live With Kelly” was awarded two Daytime Emmy Awards: one for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show, and one for both Kelly and Regis as talk show hosts. The Emmy that Kelly was holding was Gelman’s Emmy, and she revealed that the award was a long time coming: Gelman had been nominated in the Outstanding Talk Show category a whopping 24 times! Kelly joked, “did you hear that, Susan Lucci?”

Although it’s Gelman’s first time being awarded an Emmy, Kelly has won twice before: once for hosting “Live,” and once for hosting the Walt Disney World Parade. Kelly’s children hold on to her other awards for her. Lola has one Emmy, which she uses to hold her hair accessories. Joaquin has the other Emmy, which he plays with and pretends is a deceptacon. Over the weekend, they were fighting over who would get the new Emmy. Kelly’s oldest son, Michael, reminded them, “I don’t even have one!”


Carrie Ann Inaba: Dance House USA Hamptons

Carrie Ann Inaba: Live With Kelly

Carrie Ann Inaba was the Live With Kelly guest co-host as Kelly & Gelman showed off their new Daytime Emmy Awards. (Featureflash /

Kelly told the audience that the last time she saw Carrie Ann was in Hawaii, where Lola interviewed Carrie Ann for a school project. Kelly thanked her for being so nice and helpful, because the project was a big hit with her class. Like Carrie Ann, Lola is very interested in dance. Kelly said that she takes hip-hop lessons.

Carrie said that she is teaching at a dance convention this summer in the Hamptons called Dance House USA. It is a one week intensive program in July that will feature great choreographers such as Mandy Moore and Dave Scott from “So You Think You Can Dance.” Carrie said that Lola would love it, and she invited her to take part in the program. Kelly said that she wants to take a class, too!


Kelly Ripa: Family Vacation in Colorado

Kelly said that she had been away in Colorado, on vacation with Mark and the kids. She brought some great pictures of Colorado’s natural beauty. The Consuelos’s took hikes, went fishing, and visited a ghost town. They also took a train through the the mountains. Kelly said that Lola tried for hours to catch a trout, and Joaquin put his net in and caught one right away.

Kelly had a great– but quite embarrassing– story to share about Joaquin. While the family were mountain biking, Joaquin had an accident and flew over the handlebars. He scraped both of his knees badly and was bleeding and covered in dirt. Kelly panicked, because she did not have any first aid supplies with her, so she made the best out of what she did have: a Kotex tampon! Kelly recalled how she hilariously wet the tampon and attempted to clean her son off with it. She lied to him and told him it was a “wound healer.” She was very impressed with the amount of water it held– it would not leak! Kelly announced to Kotex that they can feel free to use the story for their new campaign.

Live With Kelly: Psychic Week

Kelly and Carrie Ann announced that this week is Psychic Week on “Live.” Tomorrow, Sylvia Brown will appear, on Tuesday, “Long Island Medium” star Teresa Caputo, on Thursday, intuitive medium Char, and finally on Friday, pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick.

Live With Kelly: Surf’s Up Travel Trivia

Since Spring is officially over, it’s time for a new trivia segment on “Live.” This summer’s game is called Surf’s Up Travel Trivia. Unfortunately, on the first installment, the caller lost out on a trip when she did not know that the new summer set featured coffee trees. However, both she and an audience member won a gift set from Lenox china.


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