Live With Kelly: Carrie Ann Inaba Co-Hosts from Hawaii


Carrie Ann Inaba at Disney’s Aulani Resort

On “Live With Kelly” August 8, “Dancing with the Stars” judge Carrie Ann Inaba joined Kelly as guest co-host at the beautiful Disney Aulani Resort & Spa in Hawaii. The hosts were welcomed by a traditional ‘petal dance’ performed by dancers from the Aulani resort. Carrie Ann, who is a native Hawaiian, complimented the authenticity of the Disney Resort. She said that it really captures the spirit of Hawaiian culture, the food is great, and it’s a very welcoming place!

Kelly agreed. She was also having a blast at the Aulani Resort, which was her very first trip to Hawaii.


Carrie Ann Inaba: Growing Up in Hawaii

Carrie Ann Inaba: Live With Kelly in Hawaii

Carrie Ann Inaba co-hosted "Live With Kelly" from Hawaii on August 8. (Helga Esteb /

Carrie Ann Inaba was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, and she was nice enough to bring some childhood photos of her time growing up in Hawaii. Not so shockingly, there were lots of pictures of her dancing! Carrie Ann grew up right on the ocean, and she used to practice dancing on her deck that overlooked the water. There was also an adorable picture of Carrie Ann in school as a young hula dancer.

There were even some of Carrie Ann’s close family and friends in the audience to watch the show. Carrie Ann’s ‘Auntie Mia’ brought some beautiful white leis for the hosts– although she admitted that she didn’t make them by hand herself!


Kelly Ripa: Dinner with Daniel Dae Kim

Kelly revealed that she had had dinner the night before with “Hawaii Five-O” star and past co-host, Daniel Dae Kim.  Daniel and his family took Kelly and her family to Nobu in Waikiki. Daniel is not a native Hawaiian, but he has worked in Hawaii and raised his family here for the past several years. Kelly said that Daniel’s two sons are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. She kept waiting for him to say that he wanted to be her next co-host, so that they could just move the show to paradise!

Kelly Ripa: Hawaiian Word of the Day

Carrie Ann’s did not know her Hawaiian name, and there is no exact translation, so she chose ‘Kanilei,’ which is a derivative of ‘Carol.’ The hosts also learned a new Hawaiian word from an Aulani employee: ‘Ohana,’ which means ‘family.’

Kelly Ripa: Kiss with Art Moore

Kelly got more than she bargained for with one of “Live’s” producers during her trip to Pearl Harbor: a big, sloppy kiss on the chin from Art Moore. The audience yesterday got to see a lovely kiss between Kelly and her husband, Mark, so today she showed the embarrassing blooper on today’s show. Art was a good sport, though!

Daily Dial Trivia: Jon Cryer

A caller won a trip to the Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, when she remembered that the classic 1986 teen film that starred Jon Cryer was Pretty in Pink. An audience member also won a gift card to Omaha Steaks.

Live With Kelly: Hawaiian Food Tasting

At the end of the show, Kelly and Carrie Ann had the chance to taste some delicious and authentic Hawaiian foods with Chef Kevin Chong. Lau-Lau is a traditional steamed fish and meat dish, but Chef Chong had a modern version steamed for just eight minutes (as opposed to four hours) and topped with a fresh salsa. Carrie Ann and Kelly went nuts over the yummy seafood dish.

Next up, they tried Poi,which is the traditional Hawaiian paste made from Taro root. Everyone says that the food is “an acquired taste,” but Kelly seemed to enjoy it. They also got to sample some uniquely Hawaiian vegetables, like sea asparagus, which comes from– you guessed it– the sea.

Watch to Win Keyword

The Watch to Win Question of the day was: What root is Poi made from? Head to the “Live with Kelly” site to enter the answer, which is Taro Root, and you could find yourself vacationing at Aulani!


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