Live With Kelly: Bryant Gumbel Co-Hosts


Live With Kelly: Bryant Gumbel HBO’s Real Sports

Bryant Gumbel has had a career spanning four decades as a television journalist and sportscaster, and today he joined Kelly Ripa as co-host of Live With Kelly on June 4, 2012. As they sat down, Kelly told him that it is always a good day when he’s on the show.

She first complimented Bryant on his HBO show, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, which has been on the air for eighteen years. The show features interviews with sports figures and investigative reports. Kelly said that the human interest aspect of the show makes someone like her (who isn’t necessarily a huge sports fan) want to watch it. The show has won over 20 Emmys– so many that Bryant can’t keep track.


Kelly Ripa & Bryant Gumbel: Memorial Day

Bryant and Kelly recently saw each other at a Memorial Day party at a mutual friend’s house, and Bryant complimented both Kelly’s and Mark’s outfits. Mark was sporting bright red pants, a blue shirt and white sneakers, while Kelly wore an all-white ensemble featuring jeans that, according to Bryant, were “a size nothing.”

Kelly said that she should have waited until the end of the summer in order to wear an outfit like that, but it isn’t hard to believe that she looked great! They were also both very impressed with what their friend has done to his home; with renovations, he took it from 2,000 square feet to 11,000 square feet. If only they’d said who the friend was!

Live With Kelly: Miss USA Pageant

While Bryant did not catch the Miss USA Pageant over the weekend, Kelly and Mark did. Miss Rhode Island, 20-year-old Olivia Culpo, took home the title. Kelly loves to watch the girls walk in bikinis and high heels; she is amazed that absolutely “nothing jiggles.” She is convinced that they spray paint some sort of liquid glue to their bodies.


Drew Barrymore Wedding: Live with Kelly & Bryant Gumbel

Kelly and guest co-host Bryant Gumbel congratulated Drew Barrymore, who wed Will Kopelman over the weekend in Montecito, CA. (Helga Esteb /

Bryant brought a few pictures of his new grandson, who is now a few weeks old. His daughter named the baby Bryant, after him. His grandson is very cute, but unfortunately, Bryant also included a picture of his daughter on the operating table. Kelly asked him if his daughter knew that he was showing these pictures on national television. “Probably not!” Bryant said.

Kelly revealed that she gained large amounts of weight with each of her pregnancies, starting with 68 lbs for her first child.

Live With Kelly: Wife Gets $3M Settlement When Threesome Kills Husband

Kelly and Bryant discussed one of today’s most interesting news stories: a man from Lawrenceville, Georgia, died while having an extramarital threesome, and his wife won 3 million dollars in a medical malpractice suit. Apparently, his doctor should have warned him that he was not supposed to engage in threesomes. Kelly and Bryant wanted to know more about the story, but could not find the author’s name.

Live With Kelly: Drew Barrymore Wedding

Kelly congratulated Drew Barrymore on her marriage to Will Kopelman, which took place over the weekend at her Montecito, California home. Both the bride and groom wore Chanel, as Will’s father is a former Chanel CEO. Drew and Will are also expecting their first child, so double congratulations to them!

Live With Kelly: Grunting Tennis Players

The talk moved to tennis, which Bryant does not play, although his wife does. Kelly had to point out Gelman’s bizarre tennis playing, because she said she’s never seen anyone stand on a court the way he does. She also read an article that asks the question of whether or not grunting is a distraction during the game. Monica Seles started the trend, which is now extremely popular among players. Kelly and Bryant watched a video of a pro tennis player hitting the ball and emitting such a high-pitched grunt, that Kelly said it was like watching tennis and the opera at the same time.

Live With Kelly: Woman Drives With Baby On Roof

The last article of the day was on a woman from Phoenix who was arrested for forgetting her five-week-old baby strapped in his car seat on the roof of her car. He fell off the roof at an intersection and was miraculously unharmed. Kelly couldn’t believe it, but also pointed out that there is such a thing as “baby brain,” which lowers a woman’s IQ after she gives birth. According to Kelly, baby brain is a condition which also makes you cry every time you hear a Carly Simon song.


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