Live With Kelly: Bryant Gumbel Co-Hosted


Live With Kelly: Secret Service

Television journalist and sportscaster Bryant Gumbel is a friend of Kelly’s and a frequent co-host of the show. Today, Bryant joined Kelly for an extra special show with First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. Kelly immediately complimented her friend, telling him that he always looks great. In return, Bryant complimented Kelly’s outfit, and she said she had tried to match her floral skirt to the cover of the First Lady’s book, American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.

Kelly said that she was a little freaked out by the amount of secret service in the building this morning. She revealed that they immediately make you feel guilty when you see them– “I didn’t do it!”


Live With Kelly: White House Garden Challenge

Live With Kelly: Bryant Gumbel Bromosas

Kelly Ripa and Co-Host Bryant Gumbel tried Bromosas, a beer & orange juice cocktail, on Live With Kelly.

Iron Chef Marc Forgione was waiting off to the side, ready to create a meal for Kelly, Bryant, and the First Lady.

Marc was on the show today as a part of Live’s White House Garden Challenge, where Marc would be asked to create a meal completely out of vegetables grown at the White House. In his basket, he had a lot of greens: peas, cabbage, lettuce. Marc joked, “I hope you guys like salads!”


Live With Kelly: High Tech Gadgets

The topic moved to gadgets and new technology, and Kelly revealed how much she enjoys using Bryant’s toilet at his house. She said, “The only thing it doesn’t do is unbutton your pants.” It opens for you, has a heated seat, and even blow dries your bottom!

Bryant read about some new gadgets, like toilets that are being called “iPoos” and also a tub that vibrates with music. Bryant said, “why would you want to vibrate in your tub to music?” Realizing how that sounded, Kelly turned to the audience for assurance– “ladies?”

Live With Kelly: Lies from Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine recently compiled a list of predictable yet common lies that men tell women. They ranged from “I’ll be home in a bit,” to “I didn’t have my phone on me,” to “I don’t know why my ex is texting me, she’s a psycho!” Bryant said that these lies just prove how different men and women really are.

Live With Kelly: Bro-mosa

If a mimosa at breakfast feels too girly for your guy, tell him to order a “bro-mosa!” The brand new concoction is just for men, and is made up of beer and orange juice. At first, Kelly and Bryant expressed how gross it must be, but when they tried it, they actually liked it! After all the talk of toilets, vibrating, and alcohol, Kelly asked, “do you think the First Lady is still here?”

Spring into Spring Trivia: Martha Plimpton

Today, a viewer won a trip during Spring into Spring trivia by remembering that last week’s guest, Martha Plimpton, starred in the action/adventure film The Goonies in 1985.  A lucky audience member also won a gift card to Home Goods.



  1. Lorna says

    RE: Bro-mosa
    Live With Kelly – Bryant Gumbel Co-Hosted

    I enjoyed your episode this morning. The English have been doing this for years. I remember a Ladies drink named Shandy (lemonade & beer) and Port & Lemon (about an inch and a half of port wine in a glass, then fill it up with lemonade).

    In 1940 I had my first drink of Port & Lemon in Calcutta, India at a Military dance. I was the youngest so I got the opportunity to dance with the Colonel. It was delicious, but I ended up breaking out in a rash!

    I really enjoyed seeing the First Lady on your show, I had no idea she went to school with Bryant Gumbel’s sister. The double dutch was amazing. That’s all for now, have a blessed day!

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