Live With Kelly: “Bachelor” Host Chris Harrison Co-Hosts


Chris Harrison: Back to School

On “Live With Kelly” August 14, “The Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison joined Kelly as guest co-host. For Chris and his two kids in California, it’s almost Back to School time. Chris said that the summer seems to be getting shorter and shorter. He wanted to know if Kelly is the type of Mom who dreads her kids heading back to school, or if she’s the type that can’t wait to get them out of the house! Kelly said that it is nice for the kids to be on a schedule, but she does miss having the family all together during he day.

Kelly Ripa: William Pauley Cup Stacker

Live With Kelly: Merriam Webster Dictionary


William Pauley is a young world champion cup stacker who has previously appeared on “Live.” Kelly was happy to report that William appeared at the Junior Olympics in speed stacking, earning nine gold medals in the process. Congratulations, William– although, who even knew that speed stacking had its own Olympics?

Merriam Webster Dictionary New Words: Bucket List, “Inappropriate Texting”, Man Cave

Chris had some breaking news to report about the Merriam Webster Dictionary: there are some funny new words being added to the English language for 2012. “Bucket List,” “Gastropub,” “Inappropriate Texting,” and “Man Cave,” will now be found in the dictionary. Kelly said that a man cave is something that Mark really wants, but it’s hard to build one in a New York City apartment!

Kelly Ripa: Giant Micro Pig from England

Tiny pets have been a trend in recent years, and even pigs are being bred to be tinier and tinier. Apparently, a couple in England got a huge (pun intended) surprise when their micro-pig ended up growing to over three hundred pounds. Now, the family can barely leave the house, because the pig cannot go anywhere and only wants to sit in front of the television– sounds like a bad marriage, not a bad pet!


Kelly had fun reading the story in her fake British accent. She said that she wishes she could be diagnosed with the syndrome that makes people spontaneously acquire foreign accents. It’s a real disorder; it’s called Foreign Accent Syndrome. I guess a girl can dream!

Kelly Ripa: The Leaning Coliseum

You’ve heard of one of Italy’s most famous monuments, The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Now, the Coliseum in Rome is getting in on the action, because one side is becoming shorter than the other! Studies are being conducted in order to try and figure out what is causing the shrinkage. Kelly suggested that her mother-in-law, who is Italian, head to Rome and get to the bottom of it.

Kelly Ripa: Man Burns Money in Oven

In Australia– which was another fun accent for Kelly to try– a man sold his car for $15,000 and hid it in his kitchen oven. However, his wife burned the money while cooking, because she didn’t know that it was in there. What was originally pretty funny turned sad when Kelly read that he needed the money to make his mortgage payments; however, the Australian government will at least give him a fraction of what the money would have been worth.

Surf’s Up Trivia: Lisa Kudrow

Finally, on Surf’s Up Summer Trivia, a caller won a trip to the Buccaneer Resort in St. Croix when she remembered that Lisa Kudrow’s character on “Friends” was named Phoebe. Plus, an audience member won a gift certificate to Fandango.

Kelly’s Inbox

During Kelly’s Inbox segment, Kelly and Chris reminded everyone that voting begins soon for “Live’s” Cutest Kid Search. You could win a $500 Bye Bye Baby gift card just for voting on the “Live with Kelly” site.



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