Live With Kelly: Andy Samberg Co-Hosts


Live With Kelly: Andy Samberg Leaving “Saturday Night Live”

Kelly’s guest co-host for today was Andy Samberg, who is well known as one of the most hilarious featured players on “Saturday Night Live.” However, Andy recently announced that he will not return to the show for its next season. Kelly congratulated on his great run, although as she said, it’s probably very bittersweet to talk about it. Andy did seem a bit down, but said that he would hopefully be back for some hosting gigs, as long as his career doesn’t “crash and burn!”

When some recent “SNL” cast members left the show, Kelly assumed that it was because they would be fighting over the “Live” guest co-host chair. Andy was actually inspired to co-host with Kelly after seeing fellow “SNL” alum Seth Myersdo such a great job. He called Seth a great friend and older brother who has taught him a lot of things. When Kelly probed as to what those things might be, Andy joked, “you know, like shaving your legs.”


Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg discussed his departure from "SNL" on "Live With Kelly"

Andy’s latest project will be a BBC series, which will find him moving to London for six weeks over the summer to shoot.

NY Times: “Forehead is the New Canvas”

Kelly picked up the NY Times style section, which recently declared that “the forehead is the new canvas.” This is due to the number of celebrities who have recently gotten bangs. Both Kelly and Andy gave the bang trend a try, thanks to a little photoshopping. In Kelly’s picture, the bangs were not really working, but Andy actually looked kind of cute. He said he looked like a member of The Monkees.


Live With Kelly: 50 Shades of Grey Shopping

Andy has not read the erotic bestseller 50 Shades of Grey, but he did say, “I’m told I was the inspiration.” Apparently, products such as riding crops and ropes are flying off the shelves, being bought up by women who are inspired by reading the book. Kelly said that this disturbs her because, since her daughter is an equestrian, she buys all of these things not for sex, but for a little girl and her pony!

Speaking of ponies, the Belmont Stakes are coming up, where “I’ll Have Another” is going for the triple crown, which has not happened since 1979. Andy commented on how much he loves the weird names that race horses are given. Kelly revealed that once, she received a phone call from someone who wanted to name a horse “Kelly Ripa” and needed her permission. However, the horse soon received new owners, who changed the name immediately. Ironically, the horse started winning as soon as she dropped “Kelly Ripa!”

Marilu Henner: Total Memory Makeover

Marilu Henner, the next Grilling with the Stars participant, said hi to Kelly and Andy from outside the studio, where she was prepping for her recipe. Marilu revealed that she was making a vegan dish filled with vegetables that will boost your memory. Marilu has a condition called Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM), of which she is only one of twelve cases in the world. She can remember essentially every day and detail of her life. Marilu’s latest book, Total Memory Makeover, can teach you how to improve your own memory.

Spring into Spring Trivia: Julianne Hough

Kelly and Andy chatted with a caller who was looking to win a trip to St. Lucia during Spring into Spring Trivia. Her question was, “what city did Julianne Hough move to when she was ten?” At the last second, she answered correctly that it was London!

Andy Samberg: That’s My Boy

At the end of the show, the hosts took a look at Andy’s new film, That’s My Boy. Andy plays the son of Adam Sandler, whom Adam’s character had when he was just a teenager. In the clip, Andy is learning to ride a bike, but it does not go so smoothly. The comedy opens in theatres June 15.




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