Live With Kelly and Michael: Why Can’t You Eat Just One Potato Chip?


Kelly and Michael: Just One Potato Chip?

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan revealed the results of an actresses’ IMDb Lawsuit, a $40 million lottery jackpot, and a scientific answer to an age-old question: why can’t you eat just one potato chip?

Live with Kelly and Michael: Kelly Ripa Skirt

Kelly Ripa said she found a beautiful floral skirt in the back of her closet. By the time she realized why she never wears it, it was too late to change before going on the air. She said it really limited her range of motion.


Live With Kelly and Michael: Why Can't You Eat Just One Potato Chip?

Kelly and Michael got a scientific answer to an age-old question: why can’t you eat just one potato chip?

I think we all have that pair of jeans or other clothing item that just never fits comfortably. Kelly referred to it as a #1 pencil skirt, because it was too tight be a #2 pencil.

Kelly & Michael: Tianlang Guan PGA Masters Tournament

Michael Strahan said he planned to watch the PGA Masters tournament–that’s golf, as Kelly found out. Someone is going to win a green jacket in the competition.


A 14-year-old golfer who is in eighth grade, Tianlang Guan, is among the competitors in this year’s PGA tournament. He seems to be doing well so far. I guess he is one to watch this weekend.

Kelly wondered what makes some kids driven and inspired to succeed, while her children won’t even put their own toys away. Strahan said that he was a late bloomer in his athletic abilities.

Kelly and Michael: IMDb Lawsuit

The woman who sued the Internet Movie Database website for revealing her real age has lost her suit. The actress said she still believed it was worth the fight, though she was appointed in the loss. Kelly and Michael shared some of her B-movie credits.

Michael Strahan said that the age information they published about the actress was true. But Gelman and Kelly agreed that not everything you read on IMDb is accurate.

Live!: $40 Million Lottery Winner

A woman was excited to win $40,000 in the lottery, which came at the right time for her and her family. But she misread the ticket, and she actually won $40 million!

Can you imagine if you became a millionaire overnight? Strahan joked that his first move would be to slap Gelman. Kelly helped to plan a wrestling tag team move on Gelman with Strahan.

Strahan said he would not quit his job if he won the lottery, because he still enjoys the gig. Kelly said she could use the money to cater a champagne breakfast for the audience, or buy everyone a car, like Oprah did.

Strahan said that the security of a jackpot might change his attitude a little bit. Kelly said that she could get a waterbed filled with fish and host the show from there.

What would you do with your jackpot?

Kelly and Michael: Why Can’t You Eat Just One Potato Chip?

A scientific study has figured out why we can never eat just a single potato chip. They overstimulate the brain, making you crave more. The salt, fat and crunch are part of the effect, according to the study conducted on rats.

Michael Strahan ate a single chip and then scarfed down a few more to prove the study true. Kelly refused to eat a chip, because she knew she couldn’t stop herself.

Kelly & Michael: Buried Alive Hamster Resurrection

A family buried its pet hamster in the back yard because they thought it was dead. It turned out the animal was just hibernating, and it managed to dig its way out of the ground, despite being buried alive.

To make the story even better, it emerged from its grave on Easter and earned a new nickname: Jesus. “All the other hamsters bow down now,” Strahan joked.

Kelly and Michael: Coma Patient & Bob Seger

After spending five years in a coma, a Michigan woman awoke and said, “I want to go to a Bob Seger concert.” Kelly and Michael swayed to “Night Moves” as the audience grooved along.

That has got to be really bizarre. But her wish is coming true, because she has tickets to an upcoming show. Can you imagine what you would want to do first if you spent that much time out of the world?


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