Live With Kelly: Phillip Phillips American Idol Winner


Live With Kelly: Phil Phillips & Seth Meyers Interview

Seth Meyers was co-host on Live With Kelly for the second time in a row on today’s show, which featured a chat with new American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. As he and Kelly danced out to their seats, Kelly asked him why he ran out of the studio so quickly yesterday after the show. Seth replied that it was because he did a show at Drexel University in Philadelphia last night. One of the kids tweeted him, asking him to give a shout out to the University, but then said that he bet he wouldn’t do it. Seth proved him wrong!

Seth said he loves doing college shows, because the green room is a classroom. When Kelly asked him if he went through the desk drawers and looked through everything, Seth said, “No, I’m an adult!” Kelly is an adult, too, but that doesn’t stop her from stealing. She told a story about how she stole a gold fork from Donald Trump’s wedding. Katie Couric, also a guest, actually had a hidden camera in her purse that she was using to film guests. Seth joked, “you guys would make great spies.”


Live With Kelly: American Idol Phillip Phillips

Kelly Ripa and co-host Seth Meyers chatted with American Idol winner Phillip Phillips.(Helga Esteb /

Kelly Ripa & Seth Meyers: Phillip Phillips Sick American Idol Winner

Kelly and Seth actually had Phillip Phillips on the phone, calling live from Los Angeles. They had a quick chat, congratulating him on his big win. They also asked him if he got any sleep, and he said just about two and a half hours, when he usually gets nine. He was not visiting them in person, because unfortunately he got sick while doing American Idol, and he is taking some time to recover. Phil Phillips told Kelly Ripa that he is having surgery, and after he gets better, he said that he would love to come visit Live With Kelly.  I wonder what he is having surgery for?

Live With Kelly: Skinny Jeans Health Risk

Kelly and Seth Meyers brought up several interesting studies to talk about. The first was about tight jeans. Doctors are now warning that they come with health risks, and can cause nerve damage if they are too tight. Seth found it funny that the ‘medical’ advice given by the doctor was to wear a larger size. Kelly suggested just taking them off. She actually has a pair of skinny jeans, but she said they are very stretchy.


Seth brought up a study about how much time doctors actually spend with patients. He said it takes less than thirty seconds for a doctor to come in and tell him to stop wearing skinny jeans. Kelly wondered aloud if they cause infertility, but then pointed out Mick Jagger as an example that they don’t.

Live With Kelly: Sugar Vs Caffeine

Kelly also mentioned the effects of sugar vs caffeine. Seth admitted that he drinks a lot of coffee and Red Bull in order to stay awake during long nights at SNL. Kelly told a story of going out with friends in Montreal and going crazy on vodkas with Red Bull in order to stay awake and dance. She said her eyes looked like the eyes of a sugar glider. Seth has a friend that calls that drink “the second wind.”

Spring Into Spring Travel Trivia: Stephen Colbert

During Spring Into Spring Travel Trivia, the caller lost a trip to St. Lucia by forgetting that Stephen Colbert was the only man to make the Maxim Hot 100 List. However, both she and an audience member won a gift certificate to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Live With Kelly: Kelly’s Inbox

At the end of the show, Seth and Kelly answered some viewer emails. They cleared up some info on Phillip Phillips, who is having kidney surgery, not throat surgery for his voice. Kelly also discussed her long waist and cat suits. Seth said that “you should only wear a cat suit if you’re a jewel thief.”


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