Live: Tim Tebow Cut By Jets & Martha Stewart Dating Michael Strahan?


Michael Strahan: Tim Tebow Cut By Jets

Despite Michael Strahan’s constant lobbying, Tim Tebow has been cut by the Jets. Michael was willing to give Tebow a chance, but it seems that no one else is! Tebow was offered a position of tight end on another team, but he turned it down. Tebow wants to throw the ball, but clearly, people are realizing that’s not his strong suit.

Poor Tim Tebow! Even newspapers are creating cartoons suggesting he should maybe go play for the Pope. What do you think? Is Tim Tebow a true NFL star, or has his 15 minutes of fame already passed?


Live: Tim Tebow Cut By Jets & Martha Stewart Dating Michael Strahan?

Should Michael Strahan date Martha Stewart? According to the NY Post he should! (image credit: s_bukley /

Kelly & Michael: Reporter Narrowly Misses Ball

Kelly and Michael then checked out a picture of a reporter for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays taking a “selfie” at a Red Sox game. After taking the picture, she noticed that a ball was flying dangerously close to her head. It must have missed her by an inch!

Kelly Ripa: Martha Stewart Dating Michael Strahan?

According to the New York Post, Martha Stewart is looking for a man. The media mogul has already joined, but the newspaper offered some candidates they think could be great matches for Martha: Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Tom Cruise and even Michael Strahan. When Kelly read her co-host’s name, he spit out his coffee onto the desk – literally. The Post said that Martha could help Michael with his burgeoning TV career. How will Nicole feel about this?


Kelly begged Michael to ask Martha out so that she could hide in the restaurant and spy on them. Michael said that he’s content with his current squeeze, though, so sorry Martha!

Soar Into Summer Travel Trivia: Lauren Graham

Caller Cheryl won a trip to the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch in Tucson, Arizona by correctly answering this Soar Into Summer Travel Trivia question:  How old did Lauren Graham say her father is turning on his birthday? The answer is 70. An audience member also won a $500 gift card for Omaha Steaks.


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