Live!: Snooki’s Baby Lorenzo Dominic & Christian Louboutin Lawsuit


Live With Kelly & Michael September 6 2012

The honeymoon week continued on Live With Kelly & Michael, as the co-hosts continued their new partnership for a third day. Find out what they had to say about Christian Louboutin shoes, the New York Giants season opener, and Snooki’s baby Lorenzo Dominic.

But first, Kelly said she has to get over her habit of introducing Michael. She had to do that for all of her guest co-hosts over the past several months, so eventually it’ll be one less thing for her to remember.


She also reported that her daughter is very upset to miss the first day of middle school due to strep throat. “When she’s ill, she’s nice to me. And when she’s feeling better, she gets combative,” Kelly said.

Michael Strahan: NFL Season Kickoff: Giants Vs Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys defeated Michael Strahan’s New York Giants on Wednesday, September 5 2012, in the kickoff to the NFL season. Kelly said she watched Michael’s appearance at the game on TV at home.

Michael said his team won last year’s Super Bowl, so it was a bit of an upset to start the year with a loss, but he predicts they will perform well again. Then Kelly compared football pants to tights, and Michael admitted that some players will put on pants that are two sizes too small.


“It’s like wearing Spanx, ‘cause it keeps you all slim,” he said. Kelly thinks the look works for almost all players, with a few obvious exception.

Kelly & Michael: Snooki's Baby Lorenzo Dominic

The co-hosts chatted about Snooki's baby Lorenzo Dominic and the New York Giants' season-opening loss. (Brad Camembert /

The idea of keeping shirts tight is to make it hard for opponents to grab you. Kelly was shocked to find out that NFL players pinch one another. Michael also admitted that players will fight, but most of the time it’s in good fun.

Michael said he ran into Donald Trump at the game, who wished the new co-hosting team well. Based on Kelly’s breathless questions, it’s going to be adorable watching Michael teach her and the audience about football over the year.

“I think you really were so smart, ‘cause you had such a great career, such a storied career, but you escaped with your health,” Kelly told him. “So few players are able to say that.”

Michael & Kelly: Christian Louboutin Red Shoes Lawsuit

Shoe designer Christian Louboutin recently won a lawsuit over his iconic red bottomed footwear. He is now the only shoemaker who can have red bottoms on his shoes. Other designers can use red on the bottom only if the entire shoe is red, according to Michael Strahan.

“I’m surprised by that…. It really is his trademark, but at the end of the day, it’s a shoe, and it’s the sole of a shoe,” Kelly said. “But that was what set him apart.”

She said she was more interested in why the toe boxes on his shoes are only wide enough to fit three toes.

Challenge with the Champions: Amar’e Stoudemire Tiebreaker

Amar’e Stoudemire appeared on Live! September 5 2012 to challenge Michael Strahan to Papa Shot. On the live broadcast, they tied. But they had a rematch after the show, and the web video is on the show’s website. Ultimately, Michael defeated Amar’e, 62-48. Kelly was just excited to wear Amar’e’s jacket.

Backstage, Amar’e challenged Michael to another rematch at Madison Square Garden. Kelly couldn’t believe that they found a guest who was taller than Michael.

Kelly Ripa: Snooki’s Baby Lorenzo Dominic

After a 26-hour labor, Jersey Shore alumna Snooki gave birth to her son, Lorenzo Dominick, this summer. Mother and child are living with finace Gianni at his parents’ home. Kelly flashed a picture of the proud parents with their baby, who made this week’s cover of People.

Michael wondered if that was a long labor, and Kelly said that it was very long. He asked Kelly to explain what it’s like. She hesitated, in case expectant moms were tuning in from their hospital beds.

“Anytime two people go into a room and three people come out, something big has gone on,” Kelly Ripa said, quoting Jerry Seinfeld.

Kelly said labor didn’t get easier with each of her children, but she did learn to kick Mark out of the room.

Endless Summer Travel Trivia: Michael Strahan

The day’s trivia contestant was Krystal Stratton-Schorey of New Haven, Illinois. She got to play for a vacation to the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

Where did Michael Strahan say he went to college?

Krystal came up short; the answer was Texas Southern University. She and an audience member received a decent consolation prize: $500 from Fandango, which is a lot of movie tickets.

Don’t forget you can play online for a chance to win a weekly trip through the Live with Kelly & Michael website.


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