Live: Seth MacFarlane Won’t Host Oscars Again & Dancing With The Stars


Michael Strahan: American Girl Store

Since “Wednesday is the new Friday,” Kelly and Michael were ready to party on Live. It was a gross, dreary New York City day, and Michael was especially tired after spending yesterday afternoon at the American Girl Store. Sophia took her doll for a haircut, which Michael said was more expensive than a normal haircut.

However, Michael is a great dad, so he said that visiting the store is “an experience” just to see how happy your child is. Lola Consuelos still plays with her American Girl dolls, but don’t tell her that Kelly said that!


Kelly & Michael: Seth MacFarlane Won’t Host Oscars Again

Live: Seth MacFarlane Won't Host Oscars Again & Dancing With The Stars

Kelly & Michael discussed the new cast of Dancing with the Stars and Seth MacFarlane’s announcement that he won’t host the Oscars again. (s_bukley /

Did you enjoy Seth MacFarlane at the Academy Awards? Many people did, but just as many people didn’t. Perhaps because of his polarizing performance, Seth has announced that he wouldn’t host the Oscars again if asked.

Michael really enjoyed Seth’s performance, and I agree. He brought in a younger demographic, which is exactly what the Academy wanted when they chose him. I hope he changes his mind.


Michael Strahan: Men’s Fitness Cover

Michael looks great – and very buff – on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine. Pick up your copy if you’d like to see more of Michael’s extra-macho photo shoot. On the other hand, Robin Roberts is gracing the cover of People. “It’s amazing to have her back,” Michael said.

Kelly & Michael: Record Ratings For NASCAR

NASCAR has reached record ratings this year, which are up an impressive 30%. Kelly and Michael speculated as to why that could be. Maybe people tuned in to see Danica Patrick, or because of that terrifying crash; it’s scary, but it does bring excitement and renewed interest to the sport.

Jimmie Johnson won the Daytona 500, and afterwards he made his own “Harlem Shake” video. Michael’s a little bit tired of the Harlem Shake trend, though. He’d like to get some real Harlem dancers to show everyone how it’s done!

Kelly Ripa: New Cast Of Dancing With the Stars

Kelly and Michael evaluated this year’s cast of Dancing with the Stars. As usual, Kelly is predicting that athletes will perform the best. The celebrity contestants include Wynonna Judd, DL Hughley, Jacoby Jones, Lisa Vanderpump, Andy Dick, Victor Ortiz, Aly Raisman and Dorothy Hamill.

Like many young girls in the 1970s, Kelly was a big fan of Dorothy Hamill. She had a Dorothy doll (complete with figure skates) and said, “I still want that Dorothy Hamill haircut.”

Kelly Ripa: Google + Hangout With First Lady

Kelly was also excited to announce that she’s hosting a Google + Hangout with the First Lady on March 4 2013. The topic will be “Let’s Move,” the First Lady’s initiative to get kids exercising. Kelly is moderating the event.

Blizzard To Beach Travel Trivia: Scarlett Johansson

Caller Michael won a trip to the Tradewind Island Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida, by answering the following Blizzard to Beach Travel Trivia question: In what documentary was Scarlett Johansson’s Academy Award nominated song featured? The answer is Chasing Ice. An audience member also won a subscription to Netflix.


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