Live: NJ Lotto Winner & Michael Strahan Benchpressed Kristin Chenoweth


Michael Strahan: Guest Co-Host Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth returned as Kelly Ripa’s replacement on Live! with Kelly & Michael. Once again, Kristin had trouble getting up so early in the morning. When her alarm went off, Kristin said to herself, “That is so rude.” Yet, she made it to the show! Michael was glad, because if she hadn’t, he’d probably be stuck co-hosting with Gelman.

Michael & Kristin: New Jersey Lotto Winner

Live: NJ Lotto Winner & Michael Strahan Benchpressed Kristin Chenoweth

Michael Strahan benchpressed guest co-host Kristin Chenoweth on Live! with Kelly & Michael. (Joe Seer /


Some of the morning’s biggest news involved a New Jersey man who just won the lotto jackpot of $338 million. He was a bodega owner, but now, he’s a multi-millionaire. What would you do with all that money? Usually lotto winners blow through their money pretty quickly, but I can think of a million ways I would spend my dough. Kristin thought she would like to receive it in small doses, while Michael would want it all at once.

Michael & Kristin: Tilda Swinton At MoMa

Yesterday, Michael and Kristin discussed actress Tilda Swinton sleeping at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Once again, Tilda was spotted sleeping during the day in a performance art piece entitled Maybe. Kristin doesn’t really get the piece, but she did say, “to each his own.” She’d like to engage in performance art that would let her shop at the mall. Michael would eat as his performance art.

Kristin and Michael then checked out a YouTube video of a man being punched by a street performer in New York. That’s how you know he’s a real New Yorker!


Michael Strahan: Madden Video Game Cover

Kristin showed a mock-up cover of Michael Strahan on the new Madden football video game. She explained that fans can vote online or via Twitter for their favorite football player to appear on the cover. Obviously, Michael Strahan would make a great cover boy. “Look at those guns!” Kristin said.

Michael Strahan Benchpressed Kristin Chenoweth

To prove that he’s still got it, Michael Strahan benchpressed Kristin Chenoweth 10 times. Kristin is clearly very light, but still, it was impressive. Michael more than deserves his Madden football game cover simply because he’s strong enough to benchpress his guests. How many daytime talk show hosts can say that?

Michael & Kristin: Tiger Woods Number One Golfer In The World

Michael shared some sports updates, and Kristin did her best to follow along. For the first time since 2010, Tiger Woods is the number one golfer in the world. Both Michael and Kristin are glad that he’s back on top after facing his fair share of troubles, both personal and professional. “In order to be forgiven, you need to forgive,” Kristin pointed out.

Michael Strahan: Florida Gulf Coast University

Michael was also happy to share the story of Florida Gulf Coast University. The previously unknown school, only just founded in 1997, is now the first No. 15 seed to advance to the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA basketball tournament. Michael loves a good underdog story, and they’re definitely a great example!

Kristin loves basketball, though the petite star was clearly not meant to play. She did meet Kevin Durant once, and his shoe was about the size of both her feet combined.

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Paul Jolley

Caller Christin won a trip to The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida by answering the following question: What state is American Idol finalist Paul Jolley from? The answer is Tennessee. Plus, an audience member won a gift certificate to Omaha Steaks.



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