Live!: New Prince Albums, After Work Emails + World Vegetarian Day


Kelly & Michael: After Work Emails

Live!: New Prince Albums, After Work Emails + World Vegetarian Day

Kelly & Michael talked about the two new albums Prince is releasing. (Northfoto /

People get a lot of work emails after work hours. Kelly Ripa gets a lot of emails day and night. They mostly text for work, but she gets so many chain emails from school. Last month the German Labor Minister did a study on the emotional effects of getting work emails after hours, and they’re considering setting a ban on sending emails after work. Michael Strahan doesn’t think that’s a good idea. It’s all about expectations though. If you sign up for a nine to five job, that’s what you’re expecting. If you sign up for a job where your boss is upfront about it, then you know what to expect. The real issue is that people don’t understand what the expectations are and nobody’s really clear about it. It really is a problem.


Kelly & Michael: New Prince Albums

Kelly’s obsessed with Prince. He’s actually releasing two albums on the same day. One is called Art Official Age and the other is PlectrumElectrum with his female band. They just sound too different to be on the same album. Prince has had so many great songs over the years though, so this should be amazing.

Check out the video here:


Kelly & Michael: World Vegetarian Day

October 1 is World Vegetarian Day. I didn’t know that. I’m a vegetarian, so I was pretty excited to hear this. There’s a 300% increase in adult vegetarians in the past 18 years. And there’s an 800% increase in vegetarian restaurants, which is awesome. There are so many more choices now and they’re great. “I will have a piece of steak for you,” Michael said. Kelly loves cauliflower steak. “It counts,” she said, but Michael did not agree. They give gift certificates to Omaha Steaks, but you can get vegetables there too.

Time to Smile Travel Trivia: Busiest Airport

The Time to Smile Travel Trivia dancer was from Ottawa, Canada. She seemed very excited to be there, but Kelly didn’t really get a chance to see her because Art Moore was in the way. Lorraine Fierro from East Hartford, Connecticut was the contestant. She was standing in front of an absolutely beautiful garden in her picture. It really was gorgeous. There were so many different flowers and colors. It wasn’t at her house, but she seemed to be having some problems with her connection and nobody could understand where the garden was or what she was saying. She just got back from a cruise and they had great weather. They went on a New England cruise. She played for the Tradewinds Islands Resort in Florida. It’s valued at $4,300. The question was:

What city’s airport did we say is the busiest in the United States?

She said Chicago right away, but that was wrong. Chicago O’Hare was the one with the fire, and it’s actually the second busiest airport in the United States. The busiest airport in the United States is actually Atlanta. She and number 48 got a $500 gift certificate to Bed, Bath & Beyond.


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