Live!: Missing Statues, Vasectomy Rates + Michael Strahan Magic Mike


Kelly & Michael: Missing Statues

A city hall in California has bronze statues of a frog and two boys chasing after the frog. Someone stole the 300-pound frog. Everyone was upset and then the next day the boys were gone too. That’s actually really impressive. You really need the frog for it to make sense. Fountain art is really interesting, but they need to get those statues back.

Kelly & Michael: Vasectomy Rates

Live!: Missing Statues, Vasectomy Rates + Michael Strahan Magic Mike

Michael Strahan talked about filming for his role in the ‘Magic Mike’ sequel, but denied that he went on a diet. (Helga Esteb /


People say that during recessions vasectomy rates rise as the economy tanks because people want to be able to afford the children they have. This seems like an extreme response. Kelly Ripa didn’t get it, but Michael Strahan understood. Kelly actually had a friend who got pregnant after her husband had a vasectomy. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. She has five sons now.

Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan Magic Mike XXL

Michael was away last week. He missed so much. He went to Georgia to do Magic Mike XXL, which is so exciting. “I’ve exposed more of myself than I’ve ever exposed to a large group of people throwing money at me,” he said. He didn’t get to keep the money.

What he just did as a joke ended up giving him two jobs. His business associate Constance was losing it when he was filming. Channing Tatum also took a picture with him. Michael ate more protein and worked out for the role. He had major abs. He didn’t do any pushups or sit-ups before hand because he didn’t realize he didn’t have time first.


Kelly said he was on a diet, but he wouldn’t admit it. Kelly kept eating in his face. Michael was so scared, but it was fun, exhilarating, and intimidating. He gained a healthy respect for women though. He saw how men look at women. Kelly wanted to know exactly what went on. “I was hugged and snugged more than I’ve ever been in that area,” Michael said. Kelly brought up a viewer who used to crotchet “manties” for Regis and Gelman.

Kelly & Michael: Time to Smile Travel Trivia Bridget Moynahan

The Time to Smile Travel Trivia dancer was Nikki Bontaski from Duncan, British Colombia. The contestant was Tamara Bird from Clarkesville, Tennessee. She was breaking up a bit, but she has a big, combined family with 19 grandchildren. She played for the St. James’s Club in Antigua. It’s valued at $8,000. The question was:

When she was young, what did Bridget Moynahan say she wanted to be when she grew up? 

She couldn’t remember. Then she said an actor, but she wanted to be a dentist. She and number 20 got a $500 gift certificate to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Check out the video here:


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