Live!: Mama June and Sugar Bear Split + Eric Ripert Restaurant


Kelly & Michael: Fall Officially Starting

Fall officially begins September 22, 2014 at 10:29 pm. How did that happen so quickly? It’s actually the last day of summer. Once summer solstice starts the days start getting shorter, and it’s all downhill from there. Pretty soon it’s going to be snowing and we’ll be in winter. It’s already getting colder.

Kelly & Michael: Eric Ripert Restaurant

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos had a date this weekend to Le Berniden and saw Eric Ripert. “We were real grown ups. I’m not kidding. We’re never grown ups. We are like children,” Kelly said. They left the kids and went out. They even got dressed up and Kelly put on perfume just like in a movie she couldn’t remember.


Live!: Mama June and Sugar Bear Split + Eric Ripert Restaurant

Kelly & Michael welcomed the official start of fall on September 22. (LilKar /

Kelly had never been to the restaurant before. It was a real dining experience. She said it was the greatest meal she’d ever had. “I didn’t want it to end,” she said. Ripert had come by Live! With Kelly & Michael last week and made ratatouille, which looked amazing. You can either order off the menu or let Ripert just make you something, which is what they did. “It was just such a beautiful meal,” Kelly said. And it was great to be grown up and not have the kids around.

Kelly & Michael: Terry Bradshaw Son-in-Law Death

Michael Strahan worked yesterday, but he had Saturday off, which he enjoyed. He didn’t do much and the day just went by. He was on the West Coast. “The weather was nice. I ate. I didn’t drink. Maybe that was the problem. But it was just that kind of weekend,” he said. Terry Bradshaw wasn’t on the show yesterday. He had to leave because his son-in-law, Rob Boronas, passed away in a car accident. Michael sent out his heart and prayers. They were newly weds and he was 36-years-old, which is so sad. At least they all have each other.


Kelly & Michael: Mama June and Sugar Bear Split

Mama June and Sugar Bear from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo separated. Nobody saw that coming. “I went into seclusion,” Kelly said. They just got married. Kelly & Michael actually recreated their wedding on Halloween. So what happened? “It is us. We are the kiss of death,” Kelly said. Apparently this has happened before. They’ve done Jay Z and Beyoncé, Kanye and Kim, and Tyler Perry and Oprah. So now they’re all in trouble. Everyone was confused when Michael said Tyler Perry and Oprah. Sugar Bear will still be a part of the show. He never said much anyway though.

Check out the video here:


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