Live!: Kelly Ripa’s Neighbors, Wedding Costs + Google Doctors


Kelly & Michael: Kelly’s Neighbors

Kelly Ripa’s skirt got caught on the rusty nail on the bottom of her chair. She was a little frustrated. It’s dangerous, but she moved on. She had the best night ever last night. She had talked about her schedule mishap yesterday when she had gotten all prepared for her neighbors to come over, but she had the wrong night.

Live!: Kelly Ripa's Neighbors, Wedding Costs + Google Doctors

Google is testing Google Doctors, a Skype-based consultation service for medical questions. (phadungsak sawasdee /


Her neighbors’ daughter watched the show and told her parents about it. They came over last night and brought her a present. It’s a calendar so she can keep track of what day they’re supposed to have dinner. That’s hilarious. The wife is a French lady from Paris. They went to Café Boulud. His mom and Gelman’s mom are neighbors. And his son is in the NFL. It’s a small world. Kelly really loved them and said you think you’re done making friends, but then new friends come into your life. She never met her old neighbors of 15 years. Then they joked and asked if they were having last night’s cheese plate.

Kelly & Michael: Wedding Costs

Kelly had an incredibly inexpensive wedding. Weddings and engagement rings are expensive. Michael Strahan spent a lot of money on engagement rings. There’s a correlation between less expensive engagement rings and weddings and lower divorce rates. It could be because there was less financial stress in the beginning.

Kelly and Mark Consuelos wanted to concentrate on the marriage rather than the wedding. They didn’t have an engagement ring. He gave her a diamond ring on their 10th anniversary because he wanted to make sure the marriage lasted before he got her ring. Michael’s friend is getting married, and it’s really stressful. There are so many people to invite.


But at the end of the day you come out married either way. Why add so much stress to it? You’re going to end up happily married no matter what. And it’s your wedding. You shouldn’t be stressed out for it. You should be happy and excited. That said, weddings should be fun, happy celebrations. I think you should have whatever wedding you want.

Kelly & Michael: Google Doctors

Google is running a program for a limited trial where if you search a basic condition you can Skype an actual person rather than drive yourself crazy on WebMD. That sounds like a good idea to me. Kelly and Michael said it would be gross to show your condition on the computer. It would be helpful for not self-diagnosing though, but it will require a lot of doctors.


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