Live!: Jimmy Kimmel Doesn’t Think the Animal Flow Workout is Effective


Kelly & Michael Fitness Challenge: Animal Flow Workout

Kelly and Michael kicked off their fitness challenge week with the Animal Flow Workout, a workout that incorporates elements of strength training, endurance training, flexibility, mobility and power into a total body workout.

Mike Fitch, the man who came up with the Animal Flow Workout, told Kelly and Michael it all started when he when he tried to find a way to workout that didn’t force people to go to the gym or buy any type of equipment. He wanted a workout anyone could do at any time.


Live!: Jimmy Kimmel Doesn't Think the Animal Flow Workout is Effective

Kelly and Michael kicked off their fitness challenge week with the Animal Flow workout, a workout Jimmy Kimmel didn’t seem to think would work.

Fitch said he traveled the world and learned about different exercise and fitness programs, from breakdancing to parkour, and then brought them all together into one workout.

Animal Flow Workout ABC’s

Fitch said there are three simple steps everyone can start with:


A – Ape – Get into a deep squat position where your behind is almost touching the floor. Now you want to place your hands in front of you and use them to lift your backside from side to side.

B – Beast Mode – Get on your hands and feet like you are going to crawl and then exaggerate the movements as you crawl forward.

C – Crab Position – Get into the crab position and start crawling.

At this point, Jimmy Kimmel had come on stage in a backwards cow costume to partake in some of the exercises but when Fitch started to make people roar, he was only one who pointed out how silly it all was.

“I can’t believe someone pays you for this,” he said to Fitch, adding, “I feel like this was all designed to get your out here with your shirt off.”

Do you think this exercise would help you get fit and lose weight? I am a little skeptical if it could actually work.


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