Live!: Drinking Coffee at Night + Helping Kids with Their Homework


Kelly & Michael: Can You Drink Coffee at Night?

Can you drink coffee late at night and go to sleep? I can do that. Kelly Ripa’s had a cappuccino at a dinner party, but she just eats the foam. Michael Strahan can drink it at night and his parents can too. Researchers have said that it really all comes down to DNA. There are six genetic variants that make it affect you differently than others.

Mark Consuelos has “Markolepsy” because he can fall asleep mid-sip. Kelly wants to publish a novel that’s called My Husband is Always Asleep. What Do I Do? She takes a lot of pictures of him. He fell asleep on the floor of Gelman’s bathroom once. That’s absolutely hilarious. He was missing from the table, and Kelly went to look for him. She heard him on the baby monitor. She knocked on the door and whispered to Gelman to come over, but he didn’t get that it should be quiet so he yelled, “What do you need?” They needed to get into the bathroom because Mark fell asleep because the bath mat looked so inviting.


Kelly & Michael: Can You Help Your Kids With Their Homework?

Live!: Drinking Coffee at Night + Helping Kids with Their Homework

Kelly & Michael talked about why some people can drink coffee at night. (marco mayer /

Can you help your kids with their homework? 60% of parents have trouble helping their kids with their homework. That’s so disheartening, but school is so different now. Kelly had talked about college night, but there never used to be college nights. Her son’s homework is so complex he doesn’t even ask them for help. Kelly thinks he’s going to snap.

41% of kids don’t want their help, 25.5% of parents said they’re too busy to help and 35.5% don’t understand the subject matter. People might just be saying they’re too busy because they don’t want to seem stupid though.


Time to Smile Travel Trivia: Ted Danson

Kelly & Michael had to stop their host chat quickly because they had a really, really big show today. Robert Downey Jr. was coming as well as Alan Cumming. Hilary Duff was also coming and she hadn’t been there in a while. So it was very exciting, and they had to start on Travel Trivia.

The Time to Smile Travel Trivia dancer was Anthony Cooper from Madison, Wisconsin. He did an incredible job and was very excited to be there. He had a great energy. Cindi Cappo from Ishpeming, Michigan, was the contestant. Her cousins, or someone else from her area were in the audience. It’s actually already starting to get cold near her, but it hasn’t been snowing yet. The sun used to set really late.

She just got engaged, but she doesn’t have any plans yet because they’re still in the planning stages. They’re very happy though. The arrow was right on the line and they didn’t know what to do, so they spun it again. She played for the Long Bay Beach Club in Tortola. It’s valued at $6,800. The question was:

What animal did Ted Danson say he tried to raise at his home?

She got it right! It was bees. She might be taking her sister on her honeymoon instead though. She picked number 78 because her mom just turned 78 to get a $500 appliance package from Cuisinart.


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