Live!: Daniel Craig $1 Million in 7 Minutes & Maria Menounos Engaged?


Kelly & Michael: Maria Menounos Guest Co-Host

Michael’s good friend Maria Menounos joined him as co-host on Live, and although Maria is an accomplished TV host in her own right, she was extremely nervous to be filling Kelly Ripa’s shoes. Maria flew into New York from Los Angeles very late, so she didn’t get a chance to decorate Michael’s dressing room with New England Patriots gear like she had wanted.

Maria is a diehard Patriots fan, but her love of football doesn’t stop there. She also played against Michael in the DirecTV Beach Bowl, but his team won. As revenge, Maria dumped a giant bucket of Gatorade over his head.


Live: Maria Menounos Engaged?

Live!: Daniel Craig $1 Million in 7 Minutes & Maria Menounos Engaged?

Guest co-host Maria Menounos addressed engagement rumors on Live! with Kelly & Michael. (Helga Esteb /

Maria used her appearance on Live to address some of the rumors that have been swirling around her personal life. So is Maria Menounos engaged? Despite reports that she’s headed to the altar, Maria explained that she has simply been wearing a new ring on her left finger, because it’s the only place the ring will fit! Amazingly, Maria and her boyfriend will celebrate their 15 year anniversary next month, but she’s in no rush to walk down the aisle. She would like to someday, just not right now.

Michael Strahan: 15 Pound Baby George King

This next story made Maria want to hold off on marriage and kids even longer. A woman in England recently gave birth to a 15 pound baby. According to the story, “No one realized how big George was until his head emerged.” Yikes! Fittingly, the baby’s name is George King. Little George’s mother is a very brave woman.


Maria Menounos: Daniel Craig Made $1 Million in Seven Minutes

According to reports, Daniel Craig recently made one million dollars for a seven minute appearance driving a Range Rover car. It sounds ridiculous, but apparently the whole thing was staged to raise money for an HIV/AIDS charity. If not, I guess drinks are on Daniel!

Michael Strahan: Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls

Michael reported that the Miami Heat lost a game last night against the Chicago Bulls, but he also admitted that he doesn’t watch too much basketball during the playoffs. He watches games when his friends are playing, but otherwise, it’s hard for him to keep up.

Maria suggested that basketball has so many games per season, because football has so few. According to Michael, it would be impossible to play more football games each season. During his career, he had three surgeries alone – and that isn’t even a lot compared to other players! Football definitely takes its toll on athletes.

Maria Menounos: Adults Text and Drive More Than Teens

Maria read an interesting story that may surprise you. Apparently, it isn’t teens that we should be worrying about behind the wheel, but their parents! A new study has shown that adults tend to drive and text more than teenagers. Michael said that everyone thinks “it won’t be me,” until their car ends up in a ditch, that is.

Michael won’t drive and text, but he will walk and text – and believe me, in New York City that’s almost as dangerous!

Maria Menounos: WWE Hall Of Fame Bill Backlund

On yesterday’s show, Michael was very touched to have received a custom made WWE belt from Dwayne Johnson. But did you know that Maria Menounos is a WWE Hall of Fame inductee? This year, she’s inducting her friend Bill Backlund, whose signature move is the “cross-face chicken wing.” She even tried it out on Michael!

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Vanessa Williams

At the very last second, caller Julie won a trip to the Wyndham Grand Orland Resort Bonnet Creek in Florida. She answered the following question: What did co-host Vanessa Williams say her mother did for a living? The answer is a teacher. Plus, an audience member took home a Netflix subscription and streaming device.


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