Live: April Fools Day Pranks & Co-Host Robin Roberts Arthur Ashe Award


Kelly & Michael: Guest Co-Host Robin Roberts

Guest co-host Robin Roberts received a standing ovation from the Live! with Kelly & Michael audience.

“I can’t stop smiling because you’re here,” Michael said.


It was clear that the crowd was thrilled to see Robin back in action after a very public health struggle. Robin said that Kelly & Michael helped Robin through her difficult time, because “laughter is the best medicine.”

Michael Strahan: Central Park Swings

Live: April Fools Day Pranks & Co-Host Robin Roberts Arthur Ashe Award

Michael Strahan and guest co-host Robin Roberts discussed the latest sports news on April Fools’ Day. (Debby Wong /

Robin wasn’t home for the Easter weekend, so she was “denied her sister’s mac and cheese.” But she did enjoy a beautiful sunrise and celebrated the holiday in New York. Michael and Nicole went to brunch and then spent some time outside in Central Park with the kids.


Michael shared a pretty scary story about his daughter, Isabella. Thankfully she’s okay, but she had a big fall off the swing set in Central Park. Michael blames the flat plastic seats, which are clearly dangerous, because people were falling off the swings all around him – even a guy with a baby!

Robin Roberts: Serena Williams Sony Open Winner

As Michael and Robin pointed out, it was a great weekend for sports. In tennis news, Serena Williams defeated Maria Sharapova in order to win the Sony Open. The tennis superstar came from behind to claim her sixth title.

Robin Roberts: Kevin Ware Injury

In basketball news, both the men and women from Louisville celebrated victories over the weekend. Robin and Michael were shocked that an injured Kevin Ware managed to help his team defeat Duke. They’re hoping he makes a speedy recovery.

It’s also opening day for baseball, which really makes it feel like spring has sprung!

Michael Strahan: Nostalgic Songs Improve Mood

Robin read a study that suggested a nostalgic song helps people feel better. Michael’s favorite song is “Lovely Day,” which he plays every single morning. The study claimed that people were able to keep their hands in cold water longer because of their favorite song. Naturally, Robin and Michael decided to put this theory to the test.

It was kind of difficult to gage, because we had nothing else to compare it to. Still, Michael was able to keep his hand in the ice water for quite some time. He’s also used to soaking in ice baths from his many years as a professional athlete. Headphones definitely helped him through back then.

Michael Strahan: Google April Fools Jokes

Michael couldn’t think of a great prank for April Fools’ Day, but Google managed to do a great job of pranking readers. They jokingly launched “Google Nose” for smells like horse manure and a locker room. They also reported fake news on a self-driving Nascar race car. If you have any great pranks planned, get them on tape and send them in to Michael!

Robin Roberts: Arthur Ashe Courage Award

Finally, Michael shared news that Robin will soon receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award from ESPN. The award is named for Arthur Ashe, a late tennis great and someone who was a great friend of Robin’s. Michael referred to Robin as a “pioneer” and “inspiration,” and this award will celebrate these great qualities.

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Erin Andrews

Caller Cindy won a trip to the La Playa Beach Club Resort in Naples, Florida during March Into Spring Travel Trivia. The question was: What NHL team does Erin Andrews’ boyfriend, Jarret Stoll, play for? The answer is the L.A. Kings. An audience member also won a $500 gift card to Omaha Steaks.


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