Late Night with Seth Meyers, Del Frisco’s Review + Lotto Scratch Offs


Kelly & Michael: Bionic Woman Dance

Kelly Ripa explained to Michael Strahan that Thursday is the new Friday, and that’s why audiences are so much more wild. The hosts broke down their slow-motion dance that evoked The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. Kelly promised to ask her mother if she has any of the ‘70s dolls she used to play with, matching up characters from different TV properties of her youth.

Kelly and Michael: Late Night with Seth Meyers Review

Late Night with Seth Meyers, Del Frisco's Review + Lotto Scratch Offs

SNL’s Seth Meyers, a frequent guest host with Kelly Ripa, now hosts Late Night with Seth Meyers, every weeknight in the early morning, so Ripa visited him. (Helga Esteb /


Kelly appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers during the host’s first week on the air, and she said it was a lot of fun. Meyers frequently co-hosted with Kelly during the year before Michael joined the show.

Ripa said that many of her friends from the All My Children crew now work behind the scenes at Late Night, so she got to see some familiar faces. Michael thought that Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers have both settled in at their new late show roles.

Michael Strahan Del Frisco’s Review

Michael recently attended a charity bowling tournament at Lucky Strikes, in honor of New York Knicks legend John Starks, who has been fundraising for charity over the past 20 years. Last night, Strahan dined at Del Frisco’s, where Kelly’s youngest son wants to eat after seeing it on Taxi TV.


Strahan wondered why he was so tired for training this morning, but then he recalled that he and his friend split three bottles of wine at dinner.

Kelly & Michael: Crosswalk Delivery Update

A baby born in a crosswalk has come home from the hospital. The doorman who was on the scene got to reunite with the newborn and the parents. Isabel Williams, who donated her coat to the delivery, has been found, and she told the family they can keep the coat. “I don’t think I’d want it back anyway,” Strahan said, assuming a dry cleaner couldn’t get out any potential stains.

“I could get afterbirth out of that coat,” Kelly said, calling herself a master of stain removal. However, she warned that she had unconventional methods for getting her results.

Kelly and Michael: Lottery Scratch Offs

A lottery winner asked for seven tickets and received eight. He said that he could not afford the eighth, so he gave it back to the clerk. When he scratched off the first seven, he had won enough to buy the eighth after all. That eighth ticket was a $10 million winner!

Michael Strahan said that he would one day win the lottery, and producer Gelman pointed out that he already had by landing the co-hosting gig with Kelly, which is definitely true.

The hosts agreed that it is always nice when someone who needs the money can win the lottery. Michael said that he also thinks people are often inspired to give back when they come into a large sum of money like that.


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