Kenneth Cole Fashion Week, CAA Brian Lourd Tribute + Stingray Shuffle


Kelly & Michael: Kenneth Cole Fashion Week

The backdrop for day two of Kelly and Michael’s End Winter Now week was St. Lucia. They also had sunglasses on and put drink umbrellas in their coffee, attempting to add to the illusion of summer heat. Have you tried faking it to make yourself feel warm?

Alan Cumming was a part of Kenneth Cole’s show at Fashion Week, which Michael Strahan attended. He caught up with Jon Bon Jovi, who was also in the audience. He said that Jon invited him to join the band, but of course he is too busy. This led to some impromptu karaoke.


Kelly and Michael: CAA Brian Lourd Tribute

Kenneth Cole Fashion Week, CAA Brian Lourd Tribute + Stingray Shuffle

Have you done the Stingray Shuffle? Kelly and Michael explained that this shoos away the sea creatures when you enter the ocean, so you don’t get stung.

Kelly Ripa spent her night at a tribute to CAA agent Brian Lourd, who is supportive of the arts, actors, and theater. Ellen Barkin, Kristin Chenoweth, Allison Williams, and Daniel Craig were among those who were there to honor him.

Craig complimented Kelly and Mark Consuelos’s documentary, Off the Rez, and Kelly said she got starstruck during their conversation. Michael said if he were James Bond, he would always introduce himself by his last name first.


Vogue’s Anna Wintour was also in the audience, wearing her sunglasses. Kelly attempted and failed to make eye contact with her. Ripa also noticed Madonna in the audience while she was introducing Williams.

Kelly & Michael End Winter Now: Stingray Shuffle

Despite the hosts’ attempts to End Winter Now, another storm is probably on the way. However, Atlanta, which is ill-prepared for another winter hit, is also in the line of fire. They are doubling up on their snow removal tactics in advance this time around.

Kelly predicted that peach prices would skyrocket this summer, thanks to the harsh winter in the South. She also said that the first snowfall of the season in New York City is beautiful, but then it degrades into snert and snit.

Viewers have been sending in tropical vacation photos in an attempt to End Winter Now. Michael did not appreciate seeing these warm-weather pictures during this long winter freeze. One viewer was holding a stingray in her photo, which bothered Michael.

Kelly said that some people know to do the stingray shuffle when they get into the water. “You’d be amazed at how many people are willing to pee on you if you get hit by a jellyfish or a stingray,” she said. “Is that even proven to work?” No, it’s not, Kelly.


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