Kelly Vs Michael Super Bowl Bet 2014: No Haircut Vs No Makeup


Kelly and Michael: Super Bowl Bet 2014

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan’s annual Super Bowl bet was finally due. Kelly predicted that she would win once again, but she let Michael make his choice first. Michael was rooting for the Seattle Seahawks, and he figured that would help him clench victory.

That means Kelly will be rooting for the Denver Broncos. Thanks to her past victories, Michael has had to babysit Kelly’s children, and last year he had to go through Kelly’s workout with trainer Anna Kaiser.


Kelly Vs Michael Super Bowl Consequences

Kelly Vs Michael Super Bowl Bet 2014: No Haircut Vs No Makeup

Kelly and Michael set the stakes for their Super Bowl Bet 2014. If the Seahawks win, she has to skip makeup. If the Broncos win, he can’t cut his hair. (JStone /

What is on the line this year for the hosts? Michael gets his hair cut twice a week and is constantly maintaining it. Kelly suggested that Michael should have to go a week without cutting his hair. But Gelman and the audience goaded her into extending the timeframe to one month, leading up to the After Oscar show, which means he might have an Afro or look like Duck Dynasty.

But what is Kelly betting on? Michael’s suggestion was that Kelly do one show without makeup. “This doesn’t hurt me. It only hurts them,” Kelly said of the audience. To raise the stakes, Michael said that she should do this on the upcoming day George Clooney will be a guest on the show. Kelly did not seem intimidated by this at all.


The bet is on, and we will see who comes out on top when we watch Sunday night’s game. “Seattle Seahawks, don’t make me look bad,” Michael asked of the team. Does this bet change who you are rooting for in the big game?

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