Kelly Ripa No Makeup Day, Tony Matelli Sleepwalker + Empire State Run


Kelly Ripa No Makeup Day

Kelly Ripa looked a little different for the morning’s host chat because she skipped her turn in the makeup chair. This was her payment for the Super Bowl bet with Michael Strahan. Kelly was more self-deprecating than usual, but Michael told her she looks great even without makeup.

Michael took this opportunity to point out that he scored a rare win against Kelly in a competition on the show, and Kelly said she is still in shock about losing a Super Bowl bet. “I am wearing Vaseline on my lips, just so that my lips didn’t get stuck to my teeth,” she said.


Kelly Ripa No Makeup Day, Tony Matelli Sleepwalker + Empire State Run

The Kelly Ripa no makeup bet meant that the co-host had to do the whole show without any makeup as payment for her Super Bowl bet loss to Michael Strahan.

Gelman complimented her cheekbones, which she said is all she has left. Backstage, George Clooney’s dressing room TV was covered up, so he will get the surprise reveal when he walks out onstage for his interview.

He could see photos of Kelly in the dressing room, as well as one of Michael’s striptease from a Channing Tatum interview. Kelly said that Michael should do her a favor and distract George by taking off his pants to take the focus off her face. “There will be no pants removal today,” Michael said, and the audience started to turn on Michael.


Kelly & Michael: Empire State Building Run 2014

The annual Empire State Building Run was February 5, and this is the event Kelly participated in last year. Some audience members did it in 28 minutes this year, and Kelly recalled that her own time was 18 minutes. She said that no one prepares you for how much you will cough at the end of your run.

She was disappointed that she missed her chance to do it again, because “it turns out I’m naturally fast at walking up stairs.”

Kelly and Michael: Tony Matelli Sleepwalker

At the women’s college Wellesley, students are disturbed by a sculpture of a man sleepwalking in his underwear. But the president said the art project is part of the intellectual process, and the sculptor is Tony Matelli. Michael Strahan saw a photograph of the sculpture, and he said it is freaky because it looks so real.


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